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How Digestion Effects Your Body

Dec 12, 2017

How digestion can effect your body plus help with improving your: Energy, core function, diastasis recti, pelvic floor function, and so much more!

Everything in the body is connected together, which is one of the biggest concepts I teach.

It's not just about spot training to reduce belly bloat or help you get healthy! I talk to my women all the time about the importance of their deep core and how pregnancy can change the body. You know the importance of strengthening your deep core. I'm going to discuss the importance of digestion for your health, your pregnancy, and your postpartum recovery. You'll also discover how it relates specifically to bloating, improving your core strength, and optimal absorption of the good, wholesome foods you are eating!

First, what is your deep core?

It includes your abdominal muscles but also includes your pelvic floor, your intestines, your stomach, and your entire body will benefit from focusing on your digestion!  In pregnancy, there are...

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Core Rehab Q + A

Jan 05, 2017

In this video, I go over some common Q & A's about my Core Rehab Program and a bit about my 'why' behind creating the program.  

Click here for all the details about The Core Rehab Program


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Stop Tucking Your Butt

Oct 06, 2016

 Stop Butt Tucking Already!

You may be wondering what I mean by that...

Well truth is - almost every new client that comes to me the first thing I work on is posture and this includes getting him or her to stop tucking their butt!!!!

No wonder everyone has back problems, core disfunction, neck pain, and on and on. Yes - believe it or not if you tuck your butt that could be the source {or part of the source} of where pain is coming from.

For many, where you actually feel your pain isn't usually where the source of the cause of the pain is coming from.

You still with me??? Okay I started going off a bit but really it's all connected and by 'untucking your butt' your body will thank you. It's no easy task so give your body time and be patient, change takes both of those TIME and PATIENCE.

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Improve Your Core Connection!

Yes, untucking your butt and getting your pelvis to...

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Foam Rolling Release for Low Back Pain

Oct 06, 2016

 Foam Rolling Glute Release

Tired of that annoying low back pain? Say 'bye-bye' with this simple and extremely effective foam rolling glute release exercise. {be sure to sign up at the bottom for some of my tips for improving your posture and core strength starting today!}

I absolutely LOVE foam rolling!

Plus the benefits of including foam rolling release exercises can be incredible. Every single one of my clients has seen tremendous benefit by learning simple foam rolling release exercises.

If you find this one provides a bit of relief in your low back and/or sacral area in even just after spending 30 to 60 seconds releasing then it's one that I recommend you do on a daily basis. Some simple tips for making this foam rolling release most effective:

  1. Engage your deep core muscles
  2. Lengthen tall through the top of your head
  3. Move s-l-o-w-l-y
  4. Breathe deep + slow
  5. Relax those tense shoulders and hip!

My favorite foam roller is by Trigger Point and you can find it...

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How to Do Squats Properly

Sep 21, 2016

How to do squats PROPERLY! You are going to love these tips! They will help you make your squats more effective, lift your booty and give your pelvis, hips, and knees more support – plus help strengthen your deep core. Watch my short video below:

Squats are a very functional movement and one I highly recommend learning how to do properly asap! Here are some of my top tips:

  • Think of spiraling around your thighs
  • Exhale to connect then stand up out of your squat
  • Lightly zip up your deep core muscles
  • Lengthen tall through the top of your head
  • Keep your connection the entire 'set' and avoid releasing the 'connection'
  • Strive to feel the back of your legs working as much or more then your thighs {quads}
  • Your low back should be working to stabilize but never feel stressed
  • Think of your 'sitz bone' the boney underside of your butt {pelvis} pressing back then up as you stand out of a squat to help you activate those muscles on the underside of your pelvis

Available on Amazon


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Pilates Ab and Core Workout

Jun 26, 2016

I'm excited to be launching my new blog, where I'll be posting Pilates workouts, nutrition videos and information, core exercises, and much more!


Enjoy my Pilates Ab and Core Workout we filmed a couple weeks ago with exercises that will leave you feeling your abs! A great routine for creating balance through your body. Be sure to follow any modifications as needed for your body.

*Always consult with your physician befor beginning any exercise routine*


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