5 Ways Daily Exercise Improves Your Health

core connections May 02, 2023

Did you know that our bodies need daily movement to avoid pain and move you closer to your health goals? In fact – research shows that just 10-15 minutes of daily moderate exercise can give you real results in less time.

That's right – we need to change our mindset from thinking of daily exercise as burning as many calories as we can and not being kind to our bodies to daily movement as something you do throughout your whole day.


In this episode, I walk through 5 benefits of moving your body on a daily basis, click >>PLAY<< now to hear me share:

  • [01:08] The difference between exercise and movement
  • [01:54] A simple way to improve your energy throughout your day
  • [04:10] Avoid morning stiffness in the body by doing THIS
  • [06:32] How to improve your bodies natural ability to detox
  • [09:25] How my unique training methods improve brain function
  • [12:21] How often should you be strength training?
  • [17:27] Why less is more when it comes to working out

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