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CORE CONNECTIONS | Getting To The Core Of It

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“That just comes with having a baby.” “You are going to have to live with peeing your pants.” “There is nothing you can do about it.”
YES, there is something you can do about it!!

Today, I talk with you about how you can heal your core, pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

+ I’m excited to announce that my Core Rehab Program is now open FOR GOOD! You get lifetime access to this program that is designed to educate while also improving balance throughout your body, core strength and overall full body strength. You could see an increase in coordination and fascial connections while healing + preventing incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, knee pain, diastasis recti and so much more!

We have also included our new Core Nutrition Program that you only have access to with the purchase of Core Rehab. Through Core Nutrition, you will work on improving your gut health in order...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Myths About Ab Training

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Is it time for you to break up with your current ab training? It may just be, and you aren't the only one!! I had to go through this break up too as I was originally taught this way in my early years of teaching. BUT I challenge you to learn something NEW.

 Just because it’s how everyone has always been taught doesn’t make it right – or the optimal way of strengthening and engaging your core. 

After doing research, working with many clients, students, plus my personal experience – I quickly began seeing how drawing your belly towards your spine was effecting my clients as they were not effectively engaging their deep core and put unnecessary stress on their pelvic floor and can restrict your breathing. I was able to find much better results when I encouraged my clients to lightly zip up from the base of their pelvis (yes this includes your pelvic floor).

If the entire deep...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Jen Is Back With Her Healthy Hacks!

core connections May 11, 2018

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+ Check Out Jen and I's Previous Conversation HERE!

Today, I invited Jen back on to talk about her top ten tips that you can start implementing into your life!

1. Posture 

Start implementing it into your life with every move you make.

2. Getting Sunshine Early On In Day 

This will help improve your energy levels for the whole day. 

TIP: Exposing your kids to the sun as well will help them nap better later on in the day.

3. Moving 

Always try to implement moving throughout your day. During commercials, do some plank slides or squat pulses.

4. Look At What You Are Putting Into Your Body 

Get those toxins out and get that nutrients in. 

5. Sleep 

We all lack from sleep, make sure you try to get those 8+ hours in every night. 

6. Form 

Make sure you are using the appropriate form when you are moving. Don't set yourself up for injury, failure or disfunction. 

7. Water 

Pick water over...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Connecting Through Your Core with Jen Chesnut

core connections May 08, 2018

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Today’s conversation with Jen Chesnut will make you rethink the way you train your body. As an athletic trainer, Jen takes us through why modifying is important and how muscling through the motion can damage your core. Jen is a moderator of my Core Rehab Program and wants all moms to know that suffering from incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, aches and pains don't have to come after having baby!

"Great things do not become great overnight. Small things become great with daily consistency."

I love that Jen and I are completely on the same page when it comes to modifying movements for clients to feel optimal for their body. Throughout her 19 years in the fitness industry, she has seen through a variety of clients what the power of the core can do.

Incontinence is something that can be prevented whether you have had a baby or lift heavily. These fascial connections throughout your body have the power to make you...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Fascia + Collagen... The Dynamic Duo

core connections May 01, 2018

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Episode Summary 

Dear Fascia, you sound interesting, but what are you?? Fascia is the soft, connective tissue that runs all throughout your body including around your organs, nerves, muscles, through your abdominal wall, and more! Fascia sometimes thought of as,

"The Soft Skeleton of the Human Body" {Andry Vlemming},

as it plays a vital role in muscle function, prevention of injury, improve energy, even improve bone density and more! But it is so much more than a physical piece as it takes part in how you feel emotionally. 

Throughout my years in the fitness + wellness industry, I have read more research on fascia than I have read children's books! JK!! But I've read a lot! And I also love experimenting on my own discovering even more about how fascia functions.

The research on fascia is amazing as it shows how fascia has a big part to do with how our body moves but also overall health as well. Take a listen to...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Sarah Reese's Top 10 Healthy Hacks

core connections Apr 27, 2018

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I am thrilled to have Sarah Reese back on today’s episode to talk us through her top 10 hacks for living a healthier lifestyle. Sarah’s daily practices are a must listen to as she embodies Ayurveda lifestyle. Doing some of these very simple things will help to remind you to take care of your body. Try to take one thing from today’s episode and start implementing it into your life today!

Sarah's Hacks!

1. Copper Water 

Pour water into a copper cup before bed and let it sit overnight so it is ready to drink when you wake up the next morning. The ionized water is excellent for your immune system and digestive track to get things moving. 

2. Blending Coffee with Coconut Oil + Ghee

By drinking your coffee this way, you are allowing the caffeine molecules to enter your blood steam slowly instead of it busting in and stressing out your adrenals. Bulletproof coffee does this for you!!

3. Daily Movement ...
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CORE CONNECTIONS | Finding YOUR Breath + Gratitude with Sarah Reese

core connections Apr 24, 2018

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Episode Summary 

I am so excited to have my great friend, Sarah Reese, with me today! Sarah is all about yoga, astrology, nutrition and holistic health. 

Today, Sarah and I talk about the importance of proper breath work not only in your yoga practice, but also to help remedy stress. Stress is something that affects all of us in one way or another. We do not usually recognize the level of stress we are actually under until we are able to put things in perspective.  

“We can’t have perspective unless we have objectivity of who we are and how manage ourselves in the world.”

When we can put things in perspective and be grateful for not just the positive things in your life, but also the obstacles, we are able to open ourselves up to so much more in the world. Equally important, is learning how to be present through your breath. Sarah goes through a breath exercise that I challenge you to do...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Gluten Free… Fad or Lifestyle Change?

core connections Apr 19, 2018

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Episode Summary 

I am so thrilled to have you with me today because we are going to dive right in and talk about gluten! I have two individuals from my team with me today, Melissa and Shelby, who are going to share with you their gluten stories.

Many people don’t realize that when they eat gluten, they are not just eating wheat. The wheat fields in the U.S. are sprayed with Roundup to help dry out the wheat field in order to produce a bigger crop. The issue lies with the chemicals on the wheat that we end up ingesting. These chemicals act as toxins and can manifest itself in many different ways throughout our digestive system. All three of us share with you our story of how gluten has impacted our lives. 

The biggest step in any journey is just getting started. 

Are you ready to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally? Not sure where to start? No worries!! We give you valuable tips, recipes and a...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | Yoga, Movement and Purpose with Kristin McGee

core connections Apr 16, 2018

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Today I sat down with celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee as we talked all things yoga! Below you will find links and images to all the things we talked about in today's episode!

Episode Summary 

I am so excited about my guest today! Kristin McGee is not only a good friend, but she is also a celebrity Yoga and Pilates Instructor, a trusted wellness expert, author and a mom of three. Kristin’s celebrity cliental includes Tina Fey, Bethanny Frankel and Savannah Gutherie. 

Kristin, like many busy mamas, struggled to find time for her yoga practice. What she discovered is that by using the time she had while stuck in her seat (whether that be while on the train or subway commuting to work or sitting at a child’s practice or while taking a break at work,) she would use this time to go into a few, simple yoga poses. Even though these increments were only 5-10 minutes in length, she still felt this time...

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CORE CONNECTIONS | 6 Diastasis Recti Questions Answered

core connections Apr 12, 2018

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I am excited to open up conversation about diastasis recti because I get a ton of questions regarding this subject. Because there is mixed information out there, this topic can be controversial at times, but I am here to help clear some of that up. Today I answer 6 of the most common questions I get regarding diastasis recti. 

1. What is diastasis recti?

It is the separating or spreading of the linea alba, the midline that runs down your abdomen. If you can visualize the six pack muscles, it is the space between those six pack muscles, also known as the rectus abdominis, which spread apart and widen. Typically, it's due to the fascia in the abdominal wall being too weak or tight in the wrong places.

2. Who is affected by diastasis recti?

It does not just affect pre and postnatal women. It also affects women who have never had babies and it can affect men too.

The prenatal and postnatal world has been my area of expertise as...

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