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This So Called Balance Of Life...

As a business owner, mom, wife, trainer (and the list goes on!) I understand the go, go, go lifestyle. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your own life, so much so that you forget to give every aspect in your life the attention that it deserves. In this episode of The Core Connections Podcast, I am going to give you ten of my tips to help balance your life.



What are your priorities in life? Where are you in life? This helps shape what priorities you need to focus on today, to get you where you need to be tomorrow. Take it as it comes.


While technology is amazing, it also comes with a price! Take time from your day to disconnect from your devices and give your mind a break.


Pick up a book, focus on your breath, go out for a walk. Whatever you need to do that focuses on balancing your overall mindset, take the time to do that. Because if you aren’t...

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Your Hips Don't Lie

Tune in as I talk about how your hips and pelvis to help get rid of what you thought was unrelated pain! That’s right, the pain you are feeling in your low back, neck or even your feet could be related to the way your pelvis is tilted, hips are aligned, those squats you are doing or should be doing and more. Shakira said it first, your hips don't lie!!




Erica: I am excited to dive in and talk about hips, glutes knees, legs, alignment, squatting and how all of that relates to the alignment of your pelvis and hips. Your hips have a great purpose and it is important that we understand what that purpose is.

You know I love to talk about your core, right? Your pelvis is the base of your core. Your pelvis is connected by fascia. The way we walk, sit, stand and move through can all lead to imbalances in the body.

That is why I always like to start by looking at...

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Bye, Bye Body Bloat

I share some simple tips and basic knowledge on how to minimize inflammation in your body and how inflammation is affecting the way your body functions.

Join me and thousands of others in the FREE beginner online series that will help you get started on your path to better health!




Erica: Inflammation plays a big role in how your body functions, so I challenge you to think of your body as a whole. This is something that I address in my Core Rehab Program, specifically when we talk about bloating of the belly. At the root of it, a lot of diseases is caused by inflammation, and inflammation is caused by the bad foods that we eat and stress. We can eat the healthiest that we can, but if we are stressed on so high for so long, it can affect the way the body processes as it is in a fight or flight state all the time.

The gut is a big factor when talking about inflammation because that...

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Choose To Be Grateful With Angela Mader

Angela shares her story about the power of overcoming. She tells us how it is important to get the right mindset and that starts by knowing that you can do it.

“My passion was helping other people, but my comfort was being fit.” 

We go into detail about how your body holds onto life trauma through your fascia. You need to listen to your body and wait for it to tell you that it’s ready, otherwise you are only hurting yourself.


Fitlosophy's founder, Angela Mader, created the fitbook™ and subsequent line of products and programs, to promote embracing a healthy lifestyle and taking a positive approach to reaching goals. What was once her own personal battle has evolved into her passion for positively influencing the lives of others. Born and raised in Colorado, Angela is a graduate of CU-Boulder, holds an MBA from UC-Irvine, and has certifications in personal training and fitness nutrition. Angela is a self-proclaimed goal guru, motivational...

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Get Your Gut Moving With These Hacks

Do you ever have that gut feeling? Not your intuition, but the one where you feel backed up, bloated and your stomach aches? You don't have to live like that!! Gut function is so important for the overall health of your body. There is a big correlation between your gut function and your brain function. And I can't skip a podcast without talking about fascia! Yes, that's right!! There is even fascia in your gut that effects the way your body feels. If you have a sluggish gut, try introducing some of these healthy tips to your gut and see how it feels. Remember to always listen to your body, what is it telling you? 



Hydration is key for optimal gut function. Over half of our body is made up of water!! If you are dehydrated, your gut isn't hydrated enough to keep things moving.


Try to start incorporating green juices into your daily routine! They are great to keep your digestive system moving and help keep you...

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How Over Exercising Is Over Working Your Body With Annie Tinker

I am excited to have Annie Tinker on this episode of The Core Connections Podcast as we work together as coaches in my Prenatal + Postnatal Membership. We share our experiences with over exercising and how that affected our bodies. We also dive into how nutrition can change the way you feel as she lets us in on a few of her health hacks.


Annie Tinker is a certified Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Core Exercise Specialist and a birth doula. Annie was a personal trainer before she got into prenatal training. She had noticed a lack of options when both of her sisters became pregnant, so that is what spurred her initial interest in becoming a prenatal exercise specialist. Since then, Annie has joined us on our Knocked-Up Fitness team as a prenatal coach for our membership as she had her first baby this past November.



Annie likes to add a ¼ tablespoon in her coffee....

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Getting To The Core Of It

“That just comes with having a baby.”
“You are going to have to live with peeing your pants.”
“There is nothing you can do about it.”
YES, there is something you can do about it!!

In this episode, I talk with you about how you can heal your core, pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

Watch This Podcast Episode Below!! 




Erica: Have you ever been in a workout class and saw one woman say to another, “I can’t do that movement because it doesn’t feel good,” or, “I might pee my pants if I jump rope right now.” And then the other women replies, “Oh that’s normal, that’s what comes with having a baby.” I am here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be the norm. It’s not okay to have your body feeling incapable or having this mindset that it is something...

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Myths About Ab Training

Is it time for you to break up with your current ab training? It may just be, and you aren't the only one!! I had to go through this break up too as I was originally taught this way in my early years of teaching. BUT I challenge you to learn something NEW.

 Just because it’s how everyone has always been taught doesn’t make it right – or the optimal way of strengthening and engaging your core. 

After doing research, working with many clients, students, plus my personal experience – I quickly began seeing how drawing your belly towards your spine was affecting my clients as they were not effectively engaging their deep core and put unnecessary stress on their pelvic floor and can restrict your breathing. I found much better results when I encouraged my clients to lightly zip up from the base of their pelvis (yes this includes your pelvic floor).

If the entire deep core is not engaging effectively while lengthening...

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Jen Is Back With Her Healthy Hacks!

Check Out Jen and I's Previous Conversation HERE!

For this episode of The Core Connections Podcast, I invited Jen back on to talk about her top ten tips that you can start implementing into your life!



Start implementing it into your life with every move you make.


This will help improve your energy levels for the whole day. 

TIP: Exposing your kids to the sun as well will help them nap better later in the day.


Always try to implement moving throughout your day. During commercials, do some plank slides or squat pulses.


Get those toxins out and get those nutrients in. 


We all lack from sleep, make sure you try to get those 8+ hours in every night. 

6. FORM 

Make sure you are using the appropriate form when you are moving. Don't set yourself up for injury,...

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Connecting Through Your Core With Jen Chesnut

This conversation with Jen Chesnut will make you rethink the way you train your body. As an athletic trainer, Jen takes us through why modifying is important and how muscling through the motion can damage your core. Jen is a moderator of my Core Rehab Program and wants all moms to know that suffering from incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, aches and pains don't have to come after having a baby!


I love that Jen and I are completely on the same page when it comes to modifying movements for clients to feel optimal for their body. Throughout her 19 years in the fitness industry, she has seen through a variety of clients what the power of the core can do.

Incontinence is something that can be prevented whether you have had a baby or lift heavily. These fascial connections throughout your body have the power to make you...

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