STOP Using Deodorant with Aluminum

core connections Jun 27, 2023
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I recently had a conversation with a woman who courageously shared with me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

As we were talking, she mentioned how she was still using a deodorant with aluminum and was needing to swap it out.

That's the exact comment that made me feel called to record this episode.

You'll hear me talk about the importance of mitigating aluminum in all products – because let me tell you, it is TOXIC to the body. But it's more than being aware of the dangers of aluminum, it's educating yourself on how to reduce aluminum in your body and learning ways to detoxify.

If you're ready to reduce the toxic load in your body, this episode is for you!

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  • [00:58] The conversation that inspired this episode
  • [02:10] Why your armpits smell
  • [05:07] Ways to reduce aluminum in your body
  • [06:40] Research connecting breast cancer to aluminum
  • [09:04] The heavy metal test I run on all my private health coaching clients
  • [11:23] How to move toxins out of cells
  • [16:18] If your body isn’t doing THIS you’re recirculating toxins
  • [17:14] Can you mitigate Herxheimer reactions?

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