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"Thank you, Erica for creating a program specifically for mommas to feel their best again. I’m forever thankful for you!"

— Amanda (Core Rehab Member)

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The Core Rehab program is your all-in-one postpartum (and beyond) program. This step-by-step program is designed to help you heal and prevent incontinence, diastasis recti, back pain + so much more. Because, beautiful, peeing your pants doesn't have to be your new normal.

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Amanda's Story

Program: Core Rehab

I feel like I owe it to this program to give a review in my own words, after I realized its all I talk about when people bring up my recovery since having twin boys. At 5'2", my stomach grew in ways I never felt possible when I was pregnant last year with 2. I delivered via c-section at 36 weeks & was left with a 5 finger width diastasis gap and umbilical hernia at 8 weeks postpartum. I was told by my OB that I would need surgery to correct my damage.

I started the Core Rehab program at 8 weeks postpartum and was consistent with the program every week for 6 consecutive months. There were definitely moments when I doubted any change. I even finished 3 phases and then started all over again because I felt as if I was losing connection. But within 4 months it clicked, and I began to notice dramatic change. Month after month, my relaxed stomach was getting smaller and smaller. I went from trying a plank at 2 months postpartum and having my abs hurt SO bad that I wanted to cry to now planking for a minute. My diastasis is at 1.5-2 finger widths and is considered functional & healed. I would have simply laughed at you if you told me I could get this far without surgery a year ago.

I grew up a dancer & have been a fitness enthusiast almost my entire life. I was petrified at what a twin pregnancy would do to my body. My recover is 100% attributed to Core Rehab. I was given exact instruction on what to do, and I put my entire faith into the program, and it worked! Yes, I do other workouts now, and those workouts have allowed me to tone up and gain muscle, but I wouldn’t have been able to complete any of my current workouts if I hadn’t healed my core first. To this day, I still do Core Rehab when I feel like I need to focus on the basics.

Bottom line - trust the process and trust the program! Because of it, I’m able to have the best of both worlds; my two beautiful boys & my strong core back. AND I no longer look pregnant! Thank you, Erica for creating a program specifically for mommas to feel their best again. I’m forever thankful for you!

"Moms, I'm 9 weeks postpartum + my testimony is this program is legit the best out there. I have no ab separation. My doula was amazed on how strong my abs are!"

ā€”Ā Valery (Core Rehab Member)

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Interested in the Knocked-Up Fitness program?

The Knocked-Up Fitness program is your relief from pregnancy overwhelm. This monthly subscription includes safe pregnancy workouts, daily workout schedules and access to your prenatal coaches to ensure you're supported every step of the way.

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“Erica is one of my favorite prenatal (and postnatal!) fitness experts, and I adore her book. It’s clear, straightforward and fun – and it’s comprehensive without being overwhelming. Any mom-to-be who wants to stay fit and have a better labor will love it!

— Anna (Knocked-Up Fitness Member, Fitness Editor, Fit Pregnancy)

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"I’ve learned and accomplished so much since starting but one of my biggest takeaways so far has been understanding more about the power of mindset. Everything begins and ends in our minds and we have complete power to shift our thoughts in such a way that we gain clarity, confidence, curiosity, happiness, you name it. The thing is that wasn’t new information to me. I wasn’t a stranger to mindset, visualization, etc. What coaching has helped me do is truly understand, learn, and implement a mindset shift in all facets of my life. The tools I’ve learned are helping me simplify + calm my once chaotic + stressed-out brain. I’m no longer just aware of mindset, I’m putting it into practice daily and I can’t even put into words how much that changes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And the kicker - it’s wayyyy simpler than you think!!"

- Mandy (1-1 Health Coaching Client)

"I am so grateful for the coaching I received from Erica. I was having severe mood swings, unable to sleep well, or stay asleep once I closed my eyes. My thinking was foggy, I had a lot of pain in my stomach and my umbilical hernia was always tender. I was not well and my primary care providers never really turned up anything. After working for 6 months with Erica, my mood swings are almost non-existent, I can sleep now! I’m calm, my digestion has improved significantly, and I’m no longer in pain. When I get uncomfortable I have the tools to figure out what my body needs. I’ve lost 27 pounds and two pant sizes, and that is honestly not the best part."

- Kristin (1-1 Health Coaching Client)

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