Knocked-Up Fitness® Membership

Your membership includes the Pregnancy Program + your Core Rehab postpartum program. 


Stay confident, strong + feeling your best during pregnancy; all while preparing your body for birth + recovery postpartum!

Learn how to properly strengthen your core + entire body, improve how you feel physically + emotionally, boost your confidence, prepare your body for birth, have a speedier delivery {which means less stress on baby}, + easier recovery postpartum!


"...when it came time to push, it was only about nine minutes! Thank you Erica for keeping me strong and helping my body prep for the big job!"


"Having this membership really helped me focus on strengthening my deep core muscles. My recovery after birth was the best out of my three deliveries. The workouts are enjoyable and you are provided with a load of information! I wish I found Knocked-Up Fitness earlier! "


" push time during delivery was minutes long + the nurses/OB were shocked that a first delivery push was less than ten minutes. At 15 weeks after my son's due date, I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, Erica!"


"I have less than one finger abdominal separation with good connection (after four babies), when I had terrible separation before. I really can't thank you enough for your knowledge + proper workout!"


"Ten minutes of pushing with my second and only four with my third! I pushed for hours with my first and only wish I had heard of your program!"



JOIN MONTHLY TODAY! 6-Month Subscription {Enjoy 1 Month FREE!}

The Knocked-Up Fitness® Membership Includes:

Email access to your Knocked-Up Fitness Coaches {Erica Ziel & Annie Tinker}

✓ Enjoy your Pregnancy Weekly Workout Schedule!

✓ Learn How to Properly Strengthen Your Deep Core

Prepare your body for pregnancy, birth + postpartum recovery

✓ Exclusive Access to Erica's Push Prep Method  {help prepare your body for labor}

✓ Access to over 20 Prenatal Workouts {over 5 hours} - including Prenatal Yoga Sculpt Workouts with Kristin McGee, + Kettlebell workouts with Annie Tinker!

Prenatal TRX and BOSU tutorials

✓ Relieve + prevent those aches and pains with Erica's release tutorials

✓ 2 hours of Prenatal Reformer Pilates Workouts + Tutorials

✓ Join our Private Facebook Members Group {meet other like-minded mamas}

✓ Receive NEW Recipes + meal plans (gluten-free and many with dairy-free and vegan options!)

Trimester Guides + postpartum guides

✓ Tips on how to Minimize Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy {even start healing NOW}

✓ NEW Masterclass each month

✓ NEW workouts each month

✓ BONUS: monthly access to the Core Rehab Program to heal your body postpartum!

Cancel anytime, no minimum commitment



Hear what other mama's have to say about Erica's methods:

"I've been recommending KUF to any pregnant woman, midwife or birth professional who will listen! The workouts, expertise and focus are world class. I'm a little over half way through my second pregnancy and have enjoyed having this membership to keep me in the fitness game in an appropriate way. Thank you, Erica Ziel, on behalf of pregnant ladies everywhere!!"


"Knocked-Up Fitness eased my fears and gave me workout schedules that I love to follow. I couldn't find this same setup with workout schedules with exercises for pregnant mamas anywhere else. It boosted my confidence and helped me to stay fit throughout. My labor was by far the easiest of the seven I have had!"


"Having this membership really helped me focus on strengthening my deep core muscles. My recovery after birth was the best out of my three deliveries. The workouts are enjoyable and you are provided with a load of information! I wish I found Knocked-Up Fitness earlier!"


"I love the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership because it has provided me with a fun, safe way to continue working out during my pregnancy. I also appreciate all of the expert knowledge on appropriately strengthening the core to improve labor outcomes and prevent diastasis recti."


"Erica's workouts are efficient and effective and kept in fighting shape during my second pregnancy!"


"It's great to be able to workout without worrying about if the exercises are safe for me to do while pregnant. I can focus on the workout instead of always worrying about whether I need to modify or if I'm modifying correctly."


"Your program has been a blessing. I feel strong! And bubs was born in a two hour labor and recovery is going amazing!"


Meet Your Coaches Erica Ziel and Annie Tinker!

Creator of Knocked-Up Fitness and Your Coach: Erica Ziel

Learn from leading Prenatal, Postnatal and Core Exercise Specialist! Creator of Knocked-Up Fitness® and The Core Rehab Programs, Erica has been in the fitness industry for over 14 years, with a degree in Health and Human Performance from Iowa State University, PMA®-CPT, STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, Personal Trainer Certified, Nutrition Coach, and Mom of three. She has morphed her education with her constant finding of research, and hands-on approach to teaching prenatal clients. Most recent writing for the Strength and Conditioning Journal about Prenatal Training.

Erica Has Been Featured In...

Your Coach: Annie Tinker

Knocked-Up Fitness® Prenatal and Postnatal, and Core Exercise Specialist plus a BirthDoula, expecting her first baby in November! A personal trainer before getting into Prenatal training, she noticed a lack of options for her, then pregnant, sisters and needed to change that! "I love helping moms stay fit, healthy and prepare for birth even when they have little to no time."

Common Q + A's

Q: Does the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership have workouts that will fit my activity level?

A: Absolutely! The workouts vary from breath work to kettle bell and TRX workouts so whatever your body is craving that day, there is a workout for you!

Q: Does the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership address diastasis recti while pregnant?

A: Yes! I teach you how to safely + effectively engage and release your deep core which can help minimize, and in most cases, prevent diastasis recti from developing.

Q: Are the workouts and tutorials online or do you send me DVDs?

A: Your entire membership is online so as long as you have an internet connection, you can access everything from anywhere.

Q: If I am further along in my pregnancy, is it too late to join the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership?

A: It is NEVER too late to begin strengthening your core! It doesn't matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, there are workouts, tutorials, my Push Prep Method and SO much more that can help you stay active, feel your best and prepare your body for labor, delivery and recovery postpartum.

Q: If I have questions during my pregnancy, is there someone I can contact?

A: Absolutely! As a member, you have access to your coaches, Erica Ziel + Annie Tinker as well as the exclusive support group who are there to help answer questions, provide motivation and help guide you through your pregnancy journey. 

Q: Is there a monthly commitment if I join the Membership?

A: No, there is no monthly commitment so you can join for as long as you like.

Q: How do I cancel my Knocked-Up Fitness Membership?

A: You can email Melissa at [email protected] to cancel your membership. Please allow 72 hours for processing. (We receive A LOT of emails and do our absolute best to get to everything answered the same day during the week. Emails sent on the weekends may not be returned until the following Monday).

Q: What is the Core Rehab Program?

A: The Core Rehab Program is your go-to postpartum solution for healing your body, regaining your body confidence and feeling stronger than ever before! 




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