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Ready to make the most out of your "you time"? Join me in this 10-minute Pilates flow to tone, strengthen + improve the functionality of your body without the dread of going to the gym!

Hey! I'm Erica Ziel.

Over the past 15 years, I have made it my mission to help women feel their absolute best throughout every stage of womanhood. Because everyone’s bodies are different, my focus has been on a fusion of mindset, wellness + movement that is unique to each individual.

I'm a serial learner and am always diving into different topics that I think are interesting. I love to challenge the status quo and invite others to think outside the box because as soon as we step outside our comfort zone, that's where the magic of discovery happens!

I always try and approach every situation with grace and kindness while expressing gratitude for all the amazing things that are happening in my life. If there is one thing I have learned, it is the power of positivity and when you decide to shift your mindset, anything is possible!

Rebuild, Repair + Revive Your Core, Body + Confidence!

"Her emphasis on long-term health + wellness vs. appearance is moving. I feel so empowered as a result of gaining the knowledge that we aren't powerless in changing postpartum issues that have been normalized by society!"


"Learning wellness for my WHOLE self. Your membership has changed the way I think from my daily movement to what I'm eating + putting into my body. You have changed my mindset big time and it's pouring out into how our family operates as well!"


"I love the confidence the membership gives me to exercise knowing that everything is safe for me + baby. I love that the program gives me structure because of the workout schedules. You have helped me get back into moving during pregnancy, thank you!"



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The Core Connections Podcast

Tune in to my out of the box thinking that pushes the boundaries of the status quo and challenges you to rethink what you have always believed to be true.


Ready to make the most out of your "you time"? Join me in this 10-minute Pilates flow to tone, strengthen + improve the functionality of your body without the dread of going to the gym!


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