Core Rehab, your step-by-step program to  PREVENT + HEAL:

✓ Incontinence (peeing your pants)
 Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
✓ Back, Sciatica, or Neck Pain
✓ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
✓ Preparing for Pregnancy + Postpartum Recovery

Heal Your Body through Movement, Intuition + Breathwork!

It’s not about spending hours in the gym or striving for perfection, it’s about Self Empowerment! Taking back control of YOUR health, feeling EMPOWERED, strong + confident in YOUR skin!

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Core Rehab is for you if you are/have any of the following:


✓  Pain, around your back, neck, hips and knees 
✓  Abdominal bloating (i.e., “yoga pants days”)
✓  Fatigue or pain that keeps you from making special memories with your family
✓ Gradually worsening posture that strains your back and neck (and your confidence, too)
✓  Skipping workouts because of pain and fatigue
✓  Diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
✓ Planning to become pregnant 
Had a baby 
✓ Ready to get your energy, strength and confidence back!!! 

If you answered YES to even just ONE of the above then Core Rehab is for YOU! 

Recommended by OB Gyn's & Physical Therapists


Masters of Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Certified | Creator of Complete Core NYC

"I am very excited to consult with Erica Ziel on her Core Rehab Program. I have personally done these workouts and they are on point. She gives you great technique and an amazing progression to connect with deep core muscles and great engagement."


Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist | Owner of Healing Integrations Physical Therapy

"Erica Ziel has developed a comprehensive program that does not just benefit new mothers, but will benefit everyone. Erica's gift is her ability to read the human body. Her education and training will empower you to make safe + effective exercise choices that will change your body in a profound way. Erica can see where restrictions and poor posture emanate from her ability to correct these and other limitations through exercise and education are remarkable."


Assistant Professor of Sports Science + Health Education at Simpson College

"I have followed Erica's work for several years now both as a healthcare professional and personally through both of my pregnancies. Her programs have been one of the many tools I have used to successfully avoid low back pain and a cesarian section after both deliveries, including a delivery of twins! Erica and I share many similar interests but most importantly, we agree that movement is key! Erica's programs help accomplish just that + they are easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules!"


Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists | Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists + Infertility | Physicians Behind

"Erica is building a community of women who no longer have to suffer in silence due to The Core Rehab Program."

Frequently Asked Questions

Core Rehab is for women who want to prevent + refuse to give into pain, incontinence, poor posture, fatigue, negative self-image, and other frustrations that come after having children. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 60, the proven techniques and approaches you’ll learn here can help you look, feel, and be more vibrant than even before you had kids! If you are currently pregnant you'll want to choose Erica's Prenatal Program here.


The program is NOT for women who are looking for an “instant fix.” You WILL begin feeling results quickly, but those results build over a period of weeks and months while you’re actively using the Core Rehab program. If you refuse to be patient with yourself, this program is not for you.

That all depends on how quickly you want to start feeling and looking fantastic! If you have 30 minutes a day, that’s plenty of time to transform your body (and have your friends wonder how you did it). If your free time is even more scarce, you can still use this program - just allow a bit more time to feel your best! I'd rather have you do 10 minutes a day then nothing at all. 

Those little daily practices are what add up to big results!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped countless women - passionate, heart-centered people a lot like you - go from feeling hopeless and limited to empowered and free. And it’s all thanks to the little-known but scientifically rooted techniques and resources you’re about to discover inside Core Rehab.


I get results for my clients because I know the potential they have locked inside of them… and I’ve felt their excitement when they realize their vibrance doesn’t have to stay buried under pain, fatigue, incontinence, or any of the other post-pregnancy problems that have been holding them back!


Erica Ziel B.Sc., FDN-P, CPT, is the creator of Core Rehab, a mom of three, published author, intuitive + health coach, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner with almost 20 years experience working with woman of all ages. 

Having experienced the frustrations of healing abdominal separation herself along with working with a so many incredible women who benefited greatly from her holistic deep core and fascial training, she knew this program was something she had to create.

You are NOT alone and you CAN transform your life so you feel strong, confident, and free of pain! 

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Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.


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