Candid Reflection on Living in Alignment with Your Values

core connections Aug 01, 2023

Taking the time to pause, take a step back, and reflect if your life is living in alignment with your values is not a simple task, my friend.

But how do you decide what needs to take priority right now and not get overwhelmed or anxious when unexpected things come up?

That’s a question I have asked myself a countless number times.

I recorded this episode to serve as a reminder to you and to myself – and lemme tell you, I needed it. As a mom of three (growing up way too fast) kids, my family is of the utmost importance to me right now and with some big projects coming up I discuss how I reflect on my current priorities so I can live my life in alignment with my values.

If you’re ready to embrace the ebb and flow of life, this episode is for you!

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  • [01:04] Next time you find yourself doing all of the things all of the time, try this.
  • [03:14] How to reflect if you’re living the life you want to be living.
  • [07:39] How to organize your priorities.
  • [10:05] Why I was inspired to record this episode.
  • [13:11] What my priorities are over the next month

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