How to Get Your Newborn to Sleep Better with Kim West

core connections Sep 12, 2023
newborn sleep

Ok, ok, so if you listened to my recent conversation with Kim (Episode 282: The System You Need for Toddler Sleep Training with Kim West), you might have asked yourself:  At what age should I start sleep training my child?

In other words: what can I do now to help my baby sleep (and me) better?

If that was your question, then this episode is for you, my friend. Grab a notebook or open a Google doc and get ready to take some notes as Kim shares her evidence-based ways to get your newborn AND you to sleep better.

Click >>PLAY<< now to hear Kim and I talk about:

  • What age is ideal to start sleep training your child
  • Setting realistic expectations for newborn sleep training
  • Should you be co-sleeping or not

If you'd like to get a copy of Kim's Gentle Newborn Sleep Guide, visit to order and receive special book bonuses. You can also follow Kim on Instagram at @thesleeplady and listen to her previous episode on the Core Connections Podcast about her sleep training system right >>HERE<<.

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