How To Start Intermittent Fasting

core connections nutrition Jun 23, 2020

I'm going to bring up a buzzing topic that everyone is talking about: intermittent fasting.

When you hear that phrase, you might feel like there is no way I can go without eating for that long or you might not even understand the hype around it. We have this mindset that intermittent fasting has to be something that we do every day or we have to skip meals.

Yes, intermittent fasting is the idea of increasing the time between when you stop eating at the end of the day to when you start eating the following morning. What gets overlooked is that it's a GOOD thing, and let me tell you why throughout this episode.  

Society has a hard time being open-minded to ways they were taught in the past because they've been doing it for so long and it's all they know.

*Yes, I have been there too!

As someone who went to school for dietetics, I was taught that we should be eating every 2-3 hours to keep our metabolism high. But now after almost 20-years in the health and wellness space, I have seen and felt the benefits of leaving more time in between my meals while minimizing snacking.

>>By eating, digesting, eating, digesting, eating digesting, we are never giving our GI tract a break and stressing out the body more than it already is.<<

How can you expect to decrease inflammation in your body if you're constantly stressing your digestive system out?

>>When you look at it in a way of reducing your stress, intermittent fasting no longer feels like you're starving yourself.<<

So listen up ladies, because I’m going to give you actionable steps to start intermittent fasting so you can increase your energy, improve GI motility and decrease inflammation.

This episode breaks down: 

  • Understanding intuitive eating
  • Benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Setting an evening routine

The tips you are about to hear are ones I have implemented into my life and want to share with you so you can continue making steps forward with your health. It’s time to listen to your body! Click >>HERE<< to learn how you can reap in the benefits of intermittent fasting.



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