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Fascia Focused With Solange Ross

Pelvic floor physical therapist and Franklin Method educator Solange Ross is back to join me in geeking out over one of my favorite topics to discuss on the podcast… FASCIA! Don’t know where to begin with your fascial work? No worries! Solange talks us through a variety of movements that help to relieve aches + pains, hydrate your body and rejuvenate your cells. You are going to learn the importance of “slide and glide” while understanding how everything in the body is connected. Is more fascia the answer? Tune in to find out!


Solange is a women’s health physical therapist trained in evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor muscles. She is a level two Franklin Method Educator with a background in personal training, group fitness and is a lactation specialist.


Solange is a level two Franklin Method educator that has worked to help her students improve the connection between their mind and body, have a better...

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Shaping A Mindset That Mirrors Your Mood

Your mindset can determine how you approach your day, tasks, challenges and anything else life throws at you! How you approach these situations directly affects your mood + how you feel. When you approach areas of your life with a positive mindset and attitude, you are much more likely to achieve your goal and have a lot more fun doing it! Here are eight ways to help you get started on your positive mindset journey.


This is the first and most important step to changing your mindset. Acknowledging your thoughts, positive and negative, and not judging them will help you begin to understand your feelings and give you an opportunity to become more self-aware.


Whether you are working, talking with your partner, reading to your children or hanging out with a friend, be present and engaged. Making an effort to be present with everything you do throughout your day can help set important boundaries and decrease your stress level. 


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12 Fitness Fibs Society Has Made You Believe

If there's one thing the New Year brings, its resolutions!! Because exercise is included in almost everyone’s goal for the new year, I wanted to shed some light on 12 of the training myths that I hear from my clients that will hopefully help you achieve your fitness goals in 2019.




Crunches are only designed to work the surface muscles and can put undue stress on your neck, abdominal wall, hip flexors and back. I recommend replacing crunches with pelvic tilts, hip rolls and clam shells. Each of these exercises are designed to safely and effectively strengthen your deep core, heal your abdominal separation and help you achieve that...

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The Power Of Rotational Movement


And that starts with bringing awareness to your daily movement! Rotation is a topic that can get pushed under the rug because you're afraid of it. In this episode, you're going to shake out that rug because you can't be afraid to MOVE! Rotation affects you more than you may think… while you’re walking or turning around to your little one in the car, rotation will find its way into your daily life. And you know I can’t get through an episode without talking about fascia! Tune in to learn the importance of recognizing your daily rotation and how to do it effectively to help benefit your body function.


If you find me not looking at the camera, that was because I was doing an Instagram Live! Be sure to follow me for more educational information, inspiration and a sneak peek into my daily life!


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Creating Balance + Space Through Your Body

Creating space and balance in your body can play a big role in how you feel - physically, mentally and emotionally. As we age, there tends to be rounding of the spine and a loss of fluidity between our joints. 

When you can create space in your body and improve the amount + function of your fascia, you could see a huge improvement in how you feel or better yet - PREVENT.

Many women who have followed my programs see drastic improvements in their back pain, neck pain and hip pain in a very short period of time. As you begin to create these new habits, you can feel the activation in your body, feel the connection in your deep core and be able to see the results of your hard work that will benefit you for a lifetime.


One of the first places to start is with your posture. How you sit during your day, carry your children and simply stand affect the alignment of your spine and bones. Here are three things I challenge you to do...

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Mindful Movement

The art of mindful movement comes when you can focus your attention on the quality of the movement rather than using force.

Mindful movement begins with listening to your body. Your body will tell you when it’s ready to be pushed a little harder or ready to go a little deeper. It will also tell you when it needs a break. In today’s society, we have this “Go Hard or Go Home” mentality that pressures us to push our bodies further and quicker than we should, leaving us feeling exhausted, depleted and susceptible to injury.  

When you begin listening to your body and bringing more awareness to your movement, you will be amazed at what can happen.

When you can connect your mindful practice to your heart and body, your capabilities are endless! 

I encourage you to start approaching your movement with grace. The reason I say this is because many times we want to push our bodies past the point of where it is comfortable going because we...

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It's Time To Part With Your Back Pain

“31 million Americans have back pain at any given time.” – American Chiropractic Association

“Back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and is one of the most common reasons for missed work.” – American Chiropractic Association

“80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life,” – The University of North Carolina

These are just some of the startling statistics that we uncover in this episode. Odds are, you can relate to one of these statistics, but you don’t have to be a number.

You can do something to decrease and even minimize your back pain today. Whether it’s by bringing awareness to your body, improving your daily habits or adding more movement into your life. You have the power to make this change.


In this episode, I let you in on how you can work to decrease your...

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How To Make Your Squats More Effective

Here is an exercise tip that will help enhance the way that you do your squats! Squat pulses are one of my favorite exercises. Why? Because it helps to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings + deep core. 

Your deep core is what my Prenatal + Postnatal Membership is centered around! Everything stems from the core. Having a strong deep core will help to improve your balance and posture while building new fascial connections and coordination throughout your body. All of this will help improve your quality of life in the way that you hold yourself.


The benefit from pulsing is that you are constantly stimulating + engaging the muscles. This also allows for you to hold a movement longer as you are not releasing and re-engaging that connection. You can do more reps with smaller movements (like squat pulses), which fatigue your muscles in a different way than doing full-range.

Pulsing also brings a new awareness...

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Pilates Suspension Training With Rebecca Beckler

It was great being able to catch up with my friend Rebecca Beckler! Since our Stott Pilates training days, she has developed her own suspension training method. A suspension trainer is an awesome tool because it is inexpensive and can be used anywhere!! As a busy mom, she talks about how she has found the balance between work and personal life along with her busy traveling schedule.


Rebecca Beckler is the creator and author of the Pilates Suspension Method. She has a bachelor’s degree in adult fitness, a certified advanced level Stott Pilates instructor, a Stott Pilates instructor trainer, a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified trainer and an American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer. Rebecca is a proud mom of two as she travels around teaching her Pilates Suspension Method.




Drinking water helps flush out toxins, clear...

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Mid-Back Makes You Stronger

Self-confidence shows in the way you hold yourself. And where do you hold yourself? It all starts with your mid-back! Your mid-back plays a vital role in how you hold your body and yourself. Visualizing the lengthening through your spine and the strength that your mid-back carries will ultimately help in the way your self-confidence is seen through the world.

Once you learn how to properly use your mid-back, it can improve the way your neck, back and core feel! Within this episode, I talk about the power that your mid-back has on your body and talk you through some exercises to help you start feeling those connections + firing those muscles! 


Roll Up's | 10:30

Chest Stretch With Exercise Band | 15:33

Pull Down's | 20:13



Erica: I want to dive in and talk about how your mid-back is important for your overall health and wellness of your body. Specifically, as it relates to how your neck and...

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