3 Mistakes That Contribute To Back Pain

movement Aug 23, 2021

Does your back pain ever feel like it's running your life instead of you running it?

*Friend, I have been there.*

For years, I lived with pain because I didn't know how to fix it.

>>It wasn’t until I looked at the body as a whole and learned how to properly hold my body that I felt in control of my health again.<<

If you’ve been feeling the same way, here are 3 mistakes to bring awareness to when it comes to back pain:

1. Stretching the Low Back

It’s no secret that I love incorporating release work. It may sound like stretching, but I'm here to tell you that it's quite the opposite.

While static stretching may feel good in the moment, it forces the body to go into a position that can be more harmful long-term.

Doing release work with the small ball can help you strengthen and lengthen the fascia and muscles that support your low back instead of getting that instant relief from stretching.

2. Not Having Lengthened Posture

I don’t know about you, Beautiful, but I'm working on my posture all day long.

*I love to feel tall and empowered, anyone else agree?!*

When you're rounded forward and not connecting with your deep core, your low back suffers.

So what can you do about it? Think about using your mid-back to hold you up as you lengthen tall through the top of your head.

*If that doesn't boost your body confidence, I don't know what will!*

3. Drawing Belly to Spine

After being in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, you begin to notice a few things.

Drawing your belly to spine is the most common cue that is still mistaught because it leads to pain and dysfunction.

*It shuts off your deep core, in case you were wondering.*

I know that it may be something you've been taught in the past, but I invite you to learn a new way to connect with your body that can leave you feeling stronger. *Especially if you are experiencing the nagging back pain.*

>>If you are feeling like nothing is working to heal your back pain, I hope you create new habits as you correct these common mistakes!<<

If you need a little extra help getting rid of your back pain, check out my Pelvic Floor Guide. This gives you step-by-step instructions on how to connect with your pelvic floor so you can heal your back pain. Back pain and your pelvic floor are connected and now you can learn how to get them to work together. Download it >>HERE!<<

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