Aligning Your Body to Release Tight Hips

core connections movement Jan 31, 2023

Today you're getting a glimpse of what a conversation between me and Jen is like because in this episode, we're breaking down a hot topic that we have with the ladies inside my programs...TIGHT HIPS.

Put everything you know about fitness aside as we are going to be teaching you a lot of new information.

 In this episode, Jen and I discuss:

  • What is causing tight hips in your daily habits
  • How you can strengthen your hamstrings without tightening them
  • Where pain in the body comes from
  • Improvements you can make to your exercises to reduce pain 

and more!

Ready to hear our advice on balancing your body to release tight hips? Click play >>HERE!<< 

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Core Connections Podcast where you were given a sneak peek at how your pelvic floor is connected to everything in the body. For over 20 years, I have had the honor of coaching women on how to properly strengthen their pelvic floor so they can live an active life pain-free and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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