Mid-Back Strengthening Exercise With Small Ball

movement Aug 27, 2021

Are you trying to strengthen your mid-back?

*I'm glad you're here, friend!*

The mid-back is an area that a lot of women neglect when strengthening their bodies. Which is *crazy* to me because the mid-back is so important in how we hold our body throughout the day.

If you're ready to show your mid-back some love, I have news for you...

This mid-back strengthening exercise with a small ball is just what your body needs.

What makes this exercise so effective is the gentle approach strengthening the fascia in a lengthed way.

Can I teach you how to do it?

Before you dive in, remember this:

>>Move through a range of motion that feels GOOD for your body.<<

And to prove that gentle movement is what is going to make you stronger, I want to give you this 10-Minute Pilates Flow so you can connect deeper with your body. *I’m excited, are you?!* 

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