Why Do Your Feet Hurt? How to Stop Foot Pain in Its Tracks

core connections May 16, 2023
foot pain relief

Have you ever found yourself complaining about pain in your feet? Things like bunions? Squished toes? Even plantar fasciitis?

If so, you're gonna want to >>click play<< on this podcast to hear a conversation that I have recently been having with many of my clients. In this conversation I ask you questions to help bring awareness to what's going on with your feet (hint: you don't just focus on the feet if you have foot problems) and tactical tips and exercises you can move through to get you out of foot pain.

Of course, I also dive into:

  • [00:50] What prompted me to record this episode

  • [3:44] Do you use your toes when you walk?

  • [6:19] The array of arches your foot can have

  • [8:29] How I cue feet through doing a squat (hint: you're going to want to be barefoot for this)

  • [12:06] How feet affect your pelvic floor function

  • [15:24] What shoes to wear for foot pain

  • [21:07] Exercises to strengthen your feet

If you need a reminder to pay attention to how your feet are function and that EVERYTHING is connected, then click >>play<< right now...I think you'll find exactly what you've been looking for.


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