Regulating an Abundantly Healthy Nervous System (and Vagus Nerve) with Darby Jackson

core connections Apr 18, 2023

Want to regulate an abundantly healthy nervous system? Then you're gonna want to click play on this episode with Darby Jackson NOW and be prepared to take notes.

(I’m not kidding – this might be one of the most eye-opening conversations you listen to).

Darby Jackson is a holistic health specialist (focusing on regulating the nervous system) and in this episode she walks you through what the vagus nerve is, how the polyvagal theory impacts our inner state of being, and ways to regulate the nervous system and vagus nerve.

Intrigued? Click >>PLAY<< now to hear:

  • [03:45] What Darby does as a Holistic Health Specialist

  • [08:06] What is the vagus nerve 

  • [10:55] The foreign feeling that comes with getting out of fight or flight by calming the nervous system

  • [13:34] How to give yourself permission to chill the heck out

  • [15:23] A breakdown of the polyvagal theory

  • [20:31] Responding vs. reacting to improve patience with kids and others

  • [25:35] How music improves the neuroplasticity of our brains and other ways to work on conscious brain rewiring and vagus nerve toning

  • [29:40] How movement can release feelings and emotions to open up the nervous system

  • [36:39] Is fasting good or not for regulating the nervous system

  • [42:04] Darby's perspective on the biggest reasons that lead to dysregulated nervous systems

  • [51:08] How to regulate the vagus nerve

If you want to learn more and connect with Darby, you can find her on Instagram at @darbyjackson_.

Click >>PLAY<< to listen now or watch the full interview below!


Darby Jackson is a Holistic Health Specialist, Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner, Reiki Master, Coach, and Mother. Named by Forbes as one of the Food and Beverage Industry's 'Women to Watch' in 2019, Darby Jackson is also an experienced entrepreneur, founder, and investor. After 4 years of building a million-dollar business from the ground up, she hit a wall and experienced massive burnout. That was the beginning of her journey towards healing her nervous system and vagus nerve and learning more about polyvagal theory.

Now, Darby works with both adults and children to help them heal and reset their nervous systems through various tools and practices. With 8+ years in the health and wellness space, Darby has experienced firsthand the impact that toning the vagus nerve and resetting the nervous system has on clients. More than that, she has seen how a compromised nervous system can have detrimental effects on the brain, body, and spirit. Her mission is to work with clients to help them re-tune their nervous systems and experience the freedom that comes with feeling safe in their bodies again.


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