Avoiding Mold in Your Home Today to Support Your Future Health with Cheryl Ciecko

core connections Apr 25, 2023

When she said this phrase during our conversation, I grabbed a pen to write it down in my brain so I could make a mental note.

Just like you have done a ton of research on health – I have done the same amount of research on healthy buildings: knowledge is power.

(I never knew that health and buildings would have so much in common... but here we are)

In fact, when I remediated mold from my house years ago, everything changed in my health and my life. If you're intrigued by preventing and removing mold from your house and want to learn about mold's effects on your health, then I'd love to invite you to >>click play<< and listen to this conversation with Cheryl Ciecko, founder of AvoidingMold.com and the Dwell Institute. You'll learn:

  • [05:08] Cheryl's story of how her family's health and well-being were affected by mold and toxin exposure in her home and how she got scammed
  • [12:09] Health symptoms (behavioral and physical) related to mold exposure
  • [22:37] What to look for in your house that could indicate that there’s mold present
  • [27:25] Should you have a humidifier in your house and how to take care of it
  • [35:19] Does the musty smell in your attic or basement mean that there is mold? How to look for causes and ways to prevent it
  • [44:35] How there could still be mold in your house if it's brand new
  • [51:41] How to find a good contractor to remediate your house
  • [56:54] How I conquered mold and toxicity exposure in my house
  • [1:01:20] Life leads you to where you're supposed to go

Cheryl's resources are available on her website. You can access her brilliance on topics such as the top ten signs of mold, tips for finding a safe home, and an intro to building a mold-safe home by going to avoidingmold.com/free


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