Stop Your Joints from Popping: How to Create Stability to Align Your Body

core connections Jun 13, 2023
joint popping

This episode is more than what you think.

Yes, it's tactical – but it also delivers a little tough love that you need to hear.

I get honest with the fact that if you're experiencing joint popping in your movement practice it's a sign that you should stop doing that exercise.

Let's cut to the chase – you're not going to make backward progress by not doing an exercise that isn't appropriate for your body right now. Joint popping is your body's way of telling you that something is misaligned.

But there are a few things you can do to realign your body so you can get back to doing the movement that you love. 

In this episode, I detailed WHAT causes joint popping and the one thing you need to do to avoid it all: create stability.

(Creating stability in the body comes from incorporating fascia-focused movement. This allows you to naturally improve the alignment of your body.)


If you want to know more about stopping your joints from popping and how I train my clients to get rid of knee, hip, and shoulder pain (and how you can do the same), click >>PLAY<<. You'll hear:

  •  [01:13] Why joint popping happens in the morning 
  • [02:28] Why joint popping happens during exercise

  • [03:39] How to avoid clicking of your knees, hips, and shoulders

  • [08:35] The source of knee pain is rarely the knees

  • [10:45] What is causing hip snapping syndrome

  • [14:03] Two things you can do today to stop hip snapping syndrome

  • [14:29] The mindset shift that will improve the way your body feels

  • [15:47] Exercises to improve hip or knee popping with squats

  • [19:30] Ways to stop your shoulder from popping

  • [23:26] What you can take away from this episode

Click >>PLAY<< to listen now!

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