What’s Causing Mid-Back Pain? How To Strengthen Your Back for Support

core connections Apr 11, 2023

Have you ever found yourself experiencing mid-back pain? Has it impacted your daily life by: not being able to pick something up off the ground or unable to twist in the front seat of the car to check on your kid in the back or just having crazy chest pain?

If so: you're not alone. It's common to have mid-back pain when we're not aware of what causes mid-back pain.

But here's the thing: I find mid-back pain exciting. I hate to say that. But when women start to wake up their mid-back, their whole world can change.

Instead of choosing to live in pain, I've chosen to educate myself (and others!) on what is causing pain–because everything in the body is connected–and how to work out of pain.

If you want to know what's causing your mid-back pain and how to strengthen your back muscles for better support, click >>PLAY<< now to hear me share:

  • [1:17] Why I find mid-back pain exciting
  • [1:56] The importance of posture has on strengthing your mid-back for optimal health and mobility
  • [2:56] Common causes of mid-back pain
  • [6:51] How to support your mid-back and what to do when you're experiencing mid-back pain
  • [10:44] Tips to improve breathing into your back
  • [12:25] Giving yourself grace when creating new habits to work better with your body 
  • [15:06] Guiding you through mid-back exercises you should be doing every day
  • [18:25] Rant on why you need to STOP rolling your shoulders back and what is causing mid-back soreness
  • [23:43] The importance of continuing to educate yourself about the body to improve the way you feel in your daily life

Click >>PLAY<< to listen now!

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