Genes... Your Blueprint Not Your Destiny With Sarah Morgan (Part One)

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Gene Queen Sarah Morgan breaks down how to look at your genes, what to do with the information and the biggest factor in your future health, YOU! Your genes are a blueprint, not your destiny. You are in the driver's seat! In part one of our conversation, Sarah and I talk about how you can manage your health with food, supplementation and movement.


Sarah Morgan is a modern-day inventor known for her innovative ideas that connect science to everyday life. She delivers impactful science-based solutions for common health problems. Albert Einstein’s quote, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” has inspired Sarah to write and communicate in a way that a four-year-old or a forty-year-old will understand. A functional nutrition powerhouse, Sarah is the CEO of several health and wellness companies, Buddies In My Belly, EVEN and VitaminIQ.


Sarah has always loved to learn and has described herself as a geek at heart. She grew up in a family with a lot of physicians, so she observed, learned and was hands-on with the human body. After the human genome project, Sarah’s eyes were opened to the idea that if this information is used properly, it could help us individualize our care further as human beings.


When Sarah gets asked about how genes impact your health, she likes to hop in a plane, get 10,000 feet up in the air and look at the overview. Because, as you think about the human genome, there’s a lot of different things that can happen. The direct consumer genetic tests that all of us have access to, only focus on a specific area of genetic information. These are called SNPs and it stands for single nucleotide polymorphism.

Sarah breaks it down as us all having a genetic alphabet. Taking different alphabet letters, or nucleotides, and putting them in a different order makes up our information or gene code. Sometimes with SNPs, there is a one-letter substitution and most of the time that doesn’t even do anything because as human beings we have hundreds of thousands of SNPs.

However, some of the SNPs can be clues to someone's past. You are able to use that information to empower you of your specific needs for your future. So, do they impact your health? Yes and no. You get to be in the driver’s seat of your potential.


The definition of epigenetics is over the top. This means that there are external factors that are regulating what’s happening to your genes. Your environment plays a huge role in that with how much sleep you get, how many meaningful relationships you have, your nutrient status and even your mental health.

The big thing that Sarah always tells others is that you don’t need to be afraid of your genes; it’s good to know your genes because you are able to be in control in a lot of the expression of those genes.


“Autoimmunity is a complicated, systems-based issue, and we can’t blame it on genes. I won’t do it.” – Sarah Morgan

There are increased rates of autoimmunity in the population today compared to fifty years ago. This data makes Sara pause in her plane 10,000 feet up in the air and say hm… genes haven’t changed that much in fifty years to be the source of this incline. This is why Sarah believes that autoimmunity is environmental and this gets connected to gut health, high stress, lack of sleep and toxicity. Being aware of these autoimmune factors will help you not only to reverse this diagnosis but prevent!


What Sarah loves to tell women is that you have an incredible opportunity to set you and your baby up for a great future in regards to epigenetics. Control of gene expression happens even before you are pregnant, so it’s important to prep 3-6 months before you start trying to get pregnant. Here are some nutrients that Sarah wants you to aware of during your pregnancy.

  • Choline
  • Folate
  • B12
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A

Sarah goes into MUCH more detail on the importance of all of these nutrients in this episode. It’s a must-know for your next pregnancy to help keep mama and baby happy + healthy.





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