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Enzymes, hydrochloric acid, probiotics… oh my! Supplements are only a piece of what Wade Lightheart is an expert in as we discuss how the pressure of looking a certain way on the outside can result in your health being compromised on the inside. Without an optimally functioning digestive system, no matter how often or hard you workout, you will not be able to get the most out of your training. Experiencing this himself, Wade started his own holistic health clinic and has been able to help his clients optimize their digestion. While following Wade's process, individuals also experienced clearer skin, less brain fog and better gut function. So, get ready to learn the ins and outs, the ups and downs, as well as the history and what is to come of gut function.


Wade is the host of The Awesome Health Podcast, author of Staying Alive in a Toxic World and The Wealthy Backpacker. He is also the advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and is the co-founder and director of education at BiOptimizers, a digestive health company.


Three things happened to Wade when he was 15 years old that impacted why he is doing what he’s doing today. The first is that he lived in an extremely rural place where he had a lot of time to reflect and not much to do. The second is that his sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Over the next four years, he watched her go through the medical model before she passed away at the age of 22. This had a big impact on Wade’s outlook as he realized that health isn’t a guarantee. The third is while his sister was going through her treatments, she gave Wade a bodybuilding magazine and he naively thought that if he were to build up his body that he would be healthier and stronger.

With the time and space of his rural lifestyle, Wade read, reflected and lifted until he went to University where he switched his major from computer science to exercise physiology after his sister passed. This is where Wade learned that he needed to make a change if he wanted to be healthy and fit, so he gravitated towards the bodybuilding career. Tune in to learn how Wade’s shift from Mr. Universe to Mr. Marshmallow allowed him to begin a new lifestyle, business and way of thinking.


Your gut is intertwined with so many systems of the body, so your gut health is extremely important when working to better your health. Wade suggests three things to help optimize your gut function… 

  1. Enzymes
  2. Hydrochloric Acid
  3. Probiotics

Wade encourages you to use the gold standard of these three pieces to ensure maximum quality and benefits to your body. Through the 50,000+ people that Wade and his team have helped, they see the best results from people who encompass all three of these pieces.


Wade goes through his ABC’s of symptoms that are could be telling you that you need to experiment with adding in an enzyme to your supplement cabinet.


Acid reflex is related to a hydrochloric acid issue. If you don’t produce enough hydrochloric acid, the food starts to ferment in your stomach which opens the esophageal sphincter and causes some of the acid to splash up. These conditions are not because of too much acid, it’s because of too little.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re 40+ years old, you probably aren’t producing the same amount of hydrochloric acid that you were when you were younger. That’s why you could eat everything you wanted when you were a kid and now you no longer can. 


Bloating and gas can be a little more complicated because it could be a variety of conditions. For the most part, the number one thing that causes inflammation inside the body is undigested proteins. The undigested proteins then become the food for bad bacteria that produces neurotoxins and gases.

If you are experiencing bloating after meals or the day after, chances are you’re not breaking down your food correctly.


Generally, when you are dealing with these types of conditions there is going off incorrectly in the intestinal tract. The 10-80-10 rule stands for 10% good bacteria, 80% opportunist and 10% bad bacteria. If you are experiencing constipation or diarrhea, chances are that 10-80-10 rule isn’t right for you. Wade does recommend going to a professional if you are experiencing these issues to help find out what’s going on.





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