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core connections nutrition Jun 01, 2018

I share some simple tips and basic knowledge on how to minimize inflammation in your body and how inflammation is affecting the way your body functions.

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Erica: Inflammation plays a big role in how your body functions, so I challenge you to think of your body as a whole. This is something that I address in my Core Rehab Program, specifically when we talk about bloating of the belly. At the root of it, a lot of diseases is caused by inflammation, and inflammation is caused by the bad foods that we eat and stress. We can eat the healthiest that we can, but if we are stressed on so high for so long, it can affect the way the body processes as it is in a fight or flight state all the time.

The gut is a big factor when talking about inflammation because that is where we absorb the nutrition for our body. If we have an inflamed gut, your body is not absorbing optimal nutrition. 

I want to share with you some easy tips to help work on the bloating of your belly. It all starts with eating healthier than we are. Some things to start being aware of when thinking about your diet…

  • Adding more greens
  • Eating vegetables
  • Finding fruits with good nutritious value
  • Getting sugars, trans fats + toxins out
  • Decreasing the grains and going gluten-free
  • Eating good fats – like fish as it’s high in omega 3’s (add more of these!!)
  • Minimizing omega 6’s
  • Cutting out processed food
  • Take an extra supplement of DHA + EPA

Think about one thing that you can do today to start changing the way your body feels through your nutrition to help decrease the inflammation in your body. The key to a lot of this is a balance. What is your body telling you that it needs now, so you can set it up for success long-term? You could be used to that extra bloat around your tummy, but don’t know that if you were to just cut the gluten out it could drastically change the way your body feels. Being open-minded to the potential that some of these changes could have on your body.

Sometimes I cut something out of my diet for a while and slowly start adding it back in and seeing how my body responds to it. Remember that everyone’s bodies are different.

One last thing I wanted to add was about how inflammation affects our joints. If you are inflamed in your joints, then you are more likely to have pain in your body. This can come from a combination of food, movement, stress, not getting enough sleep, etc. We can hold emotion in our fascia which can lead to pain. A healthy mind equals a healthy body, everything is connected.

The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regiment or purchasing any product(s).

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