Working Out Smarter, Not Harder

core connections movement Nov 05, 2019

Raise your hand if you've ever felt exhausted after a workout?

The ones that leave you feeling depleted as you felt like you had to keep running to reach a certain calorie mark on the treadmill (to be honest, what are the odds that those are accurate anyway...)?

Believe it or not, we have all been there my friend... even me!

Until I realized that those high-intensity workouts were preventing me from seeing the results that I wanted.

It's one thing to just do a movement, but it's a whole new way of moving when you are able to connect your breath to your movement. This allows your body to get into a flow state.

And you know what? When your body is in a flow state, you start to get your mind into a flow state and that is where the magic happens.

In this episode, you'll realize that not all calories are created equal, the importance of a mind-body connection and that you have the power to change the way you train your body.

I don’t want you to stop moving if you are in pain or feeling exhausted, I want you to move better. Move in a way that's going to empower you + your body.

Because when you approach learning my movement techniques with an open mind, who knows what amazingness you are going to discover about your body.

If you are inspired to start working out smarter and not harder, than I encourage you to check out my new workout membership, Core Studio, where I am going to help you transform the way you think of fitness.

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