Who Is Emilee Garfield? Her Story Of How Cancer Saved Her Life.

core connections mindfulness movement Oct 23, 2019

The cover of her new book reveals the scars on her stomach that she wears from surviving two different forms of cancer. These scars tell a story. A physical, emotional and transformational story that answers one question: who is Emilee Garfield?

Throughout Emilee's life, she had many answers to this question.

Alone... Ashamed... Unloveable...
Survivor. Mother. Living.

The scars of her past will always be there, but she was able to transform her old answers + perspective of her past as a reason to start living

The power of this episode lies in what you take from it because life is one big lesson where we learn from each other's mistakes. Are you ready for this? Press play on the player above for our full conversation.


  • Reminder to BE PRESENT (1:44)
  • ­­­Emilee’s story (7:00)
  • Something Emilee has never shared with anyone before... How loving herself saved her life (11:22)
  • Empowering young females (16:08)
  • Overcoming your past to help you live for the present (18:21)
  • Using your mind to get you to where you want to go (23:58)
  • The power of movement (+ modified movement!) (31:36)

After this conversation with Emilee, it brought me back to a big piece that recently has been coming up in my life and that is being present. It's something that I like to bring awareness to in my daily tasks because I can easily get caught up in multi-tasking.

It's impossible for anyone to be present and multi-task. This isn't fair for you, what you're working on or those around you.

So when you are listening to this episode, talking to a friend or finishing up a project, be in the moment. Live in the moment and see how much more you are in-tuned with your mind, body + life.

Emilee has faced cancer twice in her life – once as a child and again at the age of 39. Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer showed her not only how strong she was, but that she was put here to empower other women to heal, strengthen and fall in love with their bodies in a whole new way.

Her new life journey began in the dark depths of my second cancer diagnosis. And although this time promised to ravage my body and threaten my very life, she discovered that real – honest – strength and beauty can be found in the worst places.

So, she decided to fight. And she decided to live.

It was from her hospital bed that she learned that movement, belief and purpose can truly heal your body, mind and soul. As a yoga and pilates teacher for over 18 years, she shows women how to love their bodies and their lives, no matter what obstacles have been thrown their way!

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