Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

core connections lifestyle wellness Jan 31, 2020


Are you ready to wake up feeling refreshed and not wanting to throw your alarm clock against the wall?

Let me save you a trip to Target because we all know how that goes...

After I had the last of my three kids, it took me YEARS to finally catch up on my sleep. What I had noticed was that my quality of sleep depended on my daily habits + routines.

This episode isn't just telling you to go to bed earlier... because duh. But it's going to give you some actionable items to keep in mind as you go throughout your day that could improve the quality of sleep you're getting.

Now, are you going to wake up tomorrow being in the peppiest of moods? No.

This is because a lack of sleep can linger around with you for days. In the beginning, I highly suggest creating a sleep schedule to ensure that you are getting the proper quantity of sleep that your body needs to catch up.

Some other tips to keep in mind are:

  • How much caffeine you're drinking and what time you are drinking it.
  • Minimizing your screen time during the day and especially at night.
  • Giving yourself 3 hours from the last bite you eat to the time you go to bed.
  • Experiment with drinking chamomile lavender tea, adding magnesium and/or taking herbs before bed.

Try these tips for yourself and let me know on Instagram if your kids even recognize the woman that wakes them up in the morning for school.


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