Kinesiology Tape: Your Body’s Tool To Recovery

core connections movement Jul 30, 2019

Stay in life. Three simple words that hold a lot of value in multiple perspectives. Ed Terris, Vice President of Sales at KT Tape, leaves us with this message at the end of our conversation about all things kinesiology tape on The Core Connections Podcast and here’s why:

The older you get the more you start to slow down which could cause other medical conditions to occur. Ed and I don’t want to see that. We want to see you stay in your life.

And I believe an important tool to have in your tool kit when it comes to staying in your life is KT Tape. I love it as it’s something that I’ve used for years for my membership, programs, clients, kids + myself.

You don’t have to compensate your life with body imbalances and a strip of tape to bring blood flow to a certain area of the body could be just what you need to stay in your life.


KT Health designs, develops and distributes a new generation of sports medicine solutions that work and move with the body. The company’s products are used by professional and recreational athlete's to prevent injury, recover faster and treat injuries and pain.


Ed became a fan of the product before he became a part of the company. At a golf fundraiser for his son’s basketball team, he won a roll of KT Tape after getting his ball closest to the hole.

Later on, his son came home from football practice with a few aches + pains and he turned to the tape he won to see what it can do. The next day his son came back from practice and loved the product, wanted more of it and got his teammates hooked on it too. Before he started putting KT Tape on other kids, Ed wanted to make sure that he understood the product and knew how it worked.

Ed decided to give them a call and ended up talking to one of the owners about the product. When they realized that they lived in the same city he invited him to come to the office and he left with a job offer as vice president of sales as he has now been with KT Tape for nine years.


During the 2008 summer Olympics, beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh had kinesiology tape on her shoulder from a surgery she had earlier in the year. One of the original KT Tape owners saw that the number two thing Googled during that Olympics with 6 million hits was the question, “What’s on Kerri’s shoulder?” He brought this to the attention of three of his friends with the idea behind it being if 6 million people are interested in what’s on Kerri’s shoulder, it should be looked into further to see what can be done.

After rejection + doubts from the creator of kinesiology tape, they then turned to the subject of the second-most Olympic Google search to get her take on their idea… she is now one of the main athletes that represents the brand.

They created videos to demonstrate how to properly use the tape and created relationships with sports stores to carry their product. As a new company with little money for marketing, they were just trying to get the tape in the hands of Olympic athletic trainers.

In the 2012 Olympics, the U.S. announcers could not get the word kinesiology out when describing the tape they were seeing on multiple athletes due to their marketing efforts, so they shortened the name of it to KT tape… I think you can see where things are going 😉 Today, KT Tape owns 94% of retail as the number one brand known in the market.


If you have a soft tissue, ligament, tendon or joint injury, first stretch out the area that you are going to be putting the kinesiology tape on as well as stretch out the kinesiology tape. When you come back to neutral, there’s a wrinkling in the skin that pulls the skin away allowing you hydrate better (which is a part of the healing process) while supporting the area like a brace.


Ed explains that a lot of the pain that we experience stems from the low back. What happens is your body is trying to get you off your back to reduce that pain, but you end up compensating somewhere else and cause that area to be disrupted whether it be your feet, knees or neck. By taping the source of the problem, you are able to open up the low back for hydration + blood flow while finally starting to feel some relief in other areas of the body.






The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regiment or purchasing any product(s).

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