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Going To The Source Of Disease: Your Gut

Everything in the body is connected. It's a simple, yet complex concept to wrap your head around, but once you do, you will be able to have a better understanding of how your body functions. In this episode, you will see how your gut gets intertwined with the interconnection of your body.


Don’t be so quick to look for pharmaceuticals to help ‘fix’ an ailment going on in your body. Yes, some prescriptions out there can be game changers for people, but the majority of them are not! For me, I love getting to the source of what is going on in the body.

A pill might be able to fix your issue short term, but it doesn’t actually fix it for lifelong results. I want you to feel your best every day, so if your body needs some supplementation support, I am all for that as long as you are working on fixing and healing the underlying issue: your gut.

Here are a few conditions that I have found through my research that relate...

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Transforming Your Mind + Body With Carla Egurrola

In this episode, I am having a conversation with a close peer, student + friend Carla Egurrola. I loved listening to her insight on this journey of life that we are all on as it helps lead us to new insights and self-transformation from the inside, out. We bring up a word that I use all the time and that is awareness. An awareness of how your body is feeling and how your mind is feeling can put you in the right direction of your journey.


Carla has over 20 years of experience as a fitness and wellness professional with a degree in nutrition. She has been a personal trainer, yoga + Pilates instructor and a Mindvalley Certified Trainer. She is the co-owner of her new studio, Equilibrium, which is based out of Guatemala. She does specialist fitness studios where she specializes in teaching things such as prenatal training, Core Rehab and Iso Fit.


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Sarah Reese's Top 10 Healthy Hacks

I am thrilled to have Sarah Reese back on the podcast to talk us through her top 10 hacks for living a healthier lifestyle. Sarah’s daily practices are a must listen to as she embodies the Ayurveda lifestyle. Doing some of these very simple things will help to remind you to take care of your body. Try to take one thing from this episode to start implementing it into your life today!



Pour water into a copper cup before bed and let it sit overnight so it is ready to drink when you wake up the next morning. The ionized water is excellent for your immune system and digestive tract to get things moving. 


By drinking your coffee this way, you are allowing the caffeine molecules to enter your bloodstream slowly instead of it busting in and stressing out your adrenals. Bulletproof coffee does this for you!!



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Finding YOUR Breath + Gratitude With Sarah Reese

I am so excited to have my great friend, Sarah Reese, with me on the podcast! Sarah is all about yoga, astrology, nutrition and holistic health. 

Sarah and I talk about the importance of proper breath work not only in your yoga practice but also to help remedy stress. Stress is something that affects all of us in one way or another. We do not usually recognize the level of stress we are actually under until we are able to put things in perspective.


When we can put things in perspective and be grateful for not just the positive things in your life, but also the obstacles, we are able to open ourselves up to so much more in the world. Equally important, is learning how to be present through your breath. Sarah goes through a breathing exercise that I challenge you to do every day for the next week. It will really help decrease your stress, put things in...

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Yoga, Movement + Purpose With Kristin McGee

I am so excited about my guest in this episode of The Core Connections Podcast! Kristin McGee is not only a good friend, but she is also a celebrity Yoga and Pilates Instructor, a trusted wellness expert, author and a mom of three. Kristin's celebrity clientele includes Tina Fey, Bethenny Frankel and Savannah Gutherie.

Kristin, like many busy mamas, struggled to find time for her yoga practice. What she discovered is that by using the time she had while stuck in her seat (whether that be while on the train or subway commuting to work or sitting at a child’s practice or while taking a break at work,) she would use this time to go into a few, simple yoga poses. Even though these increments were only 5-10 minutes in length, she still felt this time helped to relax her mind, manage her stress and sleep deprivation, work out the kinks and increase her energy. This inspired her to write her Chair Yoga Book.


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