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Sarah Reese's Top 10 Healthy Hacks

I am thrilled to have Sarah Reese back on the podcast to talk us through her top 10 hacks for living a healthier lifestyle. Sarah’s daily practices are a must listen to as she embodies the Ayurveda lifestyle. Doing some of these very simple things will help to remind you to take care of your body. Try to take one thing from this episode to start implementing it into your life today!



Pour water into a copper cup before bed and let it sit overnight so it is ready to drink when you wake up the next morning. The ionized water is excellent for your immune system and digestive tract to get things moving. 


By drinking your coffee this way, you are allowing the caffeine molecules to enter your bloodstream slowly instead of it busting in and stressing out your adrenals. Bulletproof coffee does this for you!!


Try incorporating more movement that gives you a damp sweat every day!


This is a very grounding activity that we take for granted + it regulates your nervous system.


These two practices go hand in hand. Before the end of your day, dry brush your skin in a circular motion starting from your toes and ending at the heart. Then, apply oil (Sarah uses coconut oil or almond oil) all over your body and let it sit for five minutes before jumping into a hot shower. The hot water helps to open your pores allowing for the oil to seep into your body. 


Sarah calls smoothies, "a girl's best friend," as it is a vitamin in your hand. With smoothies, you can add all the oils, herbs and nutrients you need to get you through the day. Amazing Grass Protein - great to add to your smoothies!!


Adaptogens help you move from an imbalanced state into harmony as they are great for your immune system. It is also available in tea form!


Sarah started going vegan until dinner to help lower her carbon footprint on the planet. This also helps her to feel healthier throughout the day as she finds herself eating more fruits and vegetables. 


At the end of the day, it is important to take a few moments to go through your day and remind yourself what you are grateful for. By doing this, you are much more aware and present in what you do have. 


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