How Movement Can Improve Your Gut Health

core connections movement wellness Feb 21, 2020


Can I help you connect the dots on something?

After working with my clients, women that go through my programs and myself, I have noticed the power that movement has on our gut health.

This is because fascia is involved in our gut microbiome and movement plays a huge role in the function of our fascia.

Consider those dots connected!

But there's a difference between movement and exercise that I need to touch on.

To me, the word "exercise" comes off very intense and intensity leads to gripping which ultimately only works the surface layer of muscles.

That's why I like to use the word "movement" as it addresses the deeper fascial layers while improving the energy flow through the body.

Aka, exactly what I teach!

So, now's your time to get a little movement practice in! If you don't have something to guide you, make sure to check out my Pilates flow workout >>HERE<<. Remember, a little goes a long way...take these 10-minutes for you to enhance your body's energy, improve your mind-body connection and get that gut of yours moving!

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