Lunge WITHOUT Knee Pain

movement Jun 27, 2019

If you're experiencing knee or back pain in your lunges, it could be due to incorrect knee + hip positioning. 

When you take a step back and bring awareness to how you're holding your body in a movement rather than just going through the motions, you could start to see a HUGE difference in your results and more importantly the way your body feels.

This is a topic that gets brought up on my Core Connections Podcast A LOT! Specifically how your hips and pelvis could be the cause of what you thought was unrelated pain. If you're ready to learn more about those pesky hips after you watch the video below, then be sure to press play on my episode where I teach you that Your Hips Don't Lie (thank you Shakira!!).

This is just scratching the surface with proper body alignment when it comes to movement. In my Core Rehab Program, I teach you life-changing techniques that will have you saying bye-bye to aches + pains, work to heal and prevent diastasis recti, improve your posture and leave you feeling stronger + more confident than ever before!

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