Are Toxins Causing You To Gain Weight? Dr. Kristine Blanche Has The Answer.

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Imagine a bucket within your body that only gets filled with toxins. The bucket gets filled with the toxins from your environment, the foods you eat or the technology in your pocket. As you continue to add more and more to the bucket, it begins to overflow. This is when your body becomes overwhelmed + can’t hold the load of the bucket anymore so you start to experience symptoms such as autoimmune disease, fatty liver and fatigue.

In the world we live in today, it’s inevitable that there will be toxins in our body BUT Dr. Kristine Blanche joins us to iterate that we are able to minimize these toxins in order to balance the body and reduce symptoms. The body is good at getting better, it’s up to us to listen to it and understand what it needs and if you press play you might just find out what that is.


Dr. Kristine Blanche is the CEO of Integrative Healing Center home to Thermography Solutions of NY an amazing place where clients can come to be heard and to heal. The creation of the IHC in 2008 was just the beginning of an exciting journey. Dr. Blanche is a wellness expert and the creator of The Girlfriend Cleanse & The Man Up Detox. Dr. Blanche has worked over the last 25 years in many areas of medicine, is a happy wife and mother of 2 amazing adult children. It is her belief that together we can change the face of medicine to be about PREVENTION and HEALTH!

Dr. Kristine Blanche is known as the “Detox Doc” and a “Prevention Partner” for her patients she has been featured on News 12 Long Island Naturally, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Long Island Press, U.S. News, Intelligent Medicine podcast, and Healthcare Elsewhere podcast. Dr. Blanche’s PhD research thesis was focused on: The Blanche Breast Cancer Prevention Protocol. Dr. Blanche released 2 programs; The Man Up Detox & The Girlfriend Cleanse. Dr. Blanche’s book: The Prevention Plan; Protecting yourself from the Perfect Storm in Your Health will be released Spring 2020.


In late 2004, after extensive training and many years experience in the healthcare field her role as a healer took a sharp turn, as her grandfather approached the end of his life, her 32 year-old sister-in-law, Lori, was diagnosed with stage 2B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and colon cancer reared its ugly head in her father’s life. Kristine became a caretaker for those she loved most in this world.

As anyone in the healthcare world knows when the person you love appears on the other end of the stethoscope the world shakes. It is usually real-life experiences that teach us the most profound lessons and this was that moment. She describes it as the day her two worlds collided.

Kristine had always lived a very holistic life but practiced very conventional medicine. The collision was catastrophic and resulted in a profound loss, which caused her to fall far into a dark night from which there, was an awakening. This moment sparked a fire within her soul. Out of tremendous pain and sorrow, there was a glimmer of light and a vision was born. Kristine Blanche, wife, mother, daughter, sister and Doctor, stands the proud owner of one of the most comprehensive holistic health centers on Long Island.


In 2008, Kristine was asked to examine the 9/11 rescue workers before they did a sauna detoxification program. She kept hearing the same story from these responders where they couldn’t sleep, relate to their partner and had high anxiety.

They then began the sauna program that was a combination of supplements they would take before getting on a treadmill until they began to sweat. They would then get in a sauna for 20-30 minutes, come out, take a shower, cool down and eat some veggies until they had to do it again. They repeated this cycle 4-5 times a day, 7 days a week for anywhere from 20-40 days.

Once they were finished with the program they would come back to Kristine for an exam and the results blew her away. Everything was better from their breathing to their sleeping to their mood. They felt like they were back. She was amazed that just through supplementation and heat to prompt sweating that they were able to unload the burden of chemicals that they’ve built up since 9/11.

But Kristine wasn’t done there, she wanted to understand the physiology of how the human body was able to do that with just a little bit of help.


Detoxing has become a fad in the health + wellness space and there are a lot of misconceptions that Kristine believes could be dangerous to your body. The body works as a system and all of the systems need to work together to survive. As you become more toxic, you're going to see symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue and fatty liver. That's where doing a liver detox, juice fast or drinking lemon water is not optimal for supporting your entire body.

Doing these types of detoxes confuses your body as it doesn’t know if the change of pace is toxic or not. If you experience a detox reaction, that is your body’s way of telling you that something's wrong. When supporting your body properly on a detox, you should be feeling better and better and better.

Detoxing shouldn’t be about losing weight, the purpose needs to be getting your body healthier + more balanced. The foundation of how to get your body better must be to clear the confusion and unload the toxins.


The sauna is great for kids because it’s going to be harmless. Leaving them in there until they start to sweat is a great way to mobilize toxins. But the main thing that Kristine advices patients to do is to minimize the exposure to toxins. 

Milk (even if you’re buying organic) in the United States tends to be toxic, so go for nut-based milk instead. She also finds wheat to be very toxic as well. Now, we all know how I feel about gluten + the inflammation that it provokes on your body... if you don’t I recommend checking out this podcast episode!






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