Josef Arnould: Why America Should Be One Of The Healthiest Countries… But They’re Not.

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Have you ever questioned if you need to be taking a certain medication? Or if that bag of chips is the only thing that can get you through that mid-day craving? Or even turned the butt warmers on in your car to help relieve some of that low back pain before work? ALL of these symptoms can be PREVENTED by taking your health into your own hands. Josef Arnould joins us to describe his reasoning behind why America should be one of the healthiest countries… but they’re not. But there is a revolution to join, find out how you can play a role by pressing play and becoming an active questioner rather than a passive acceptor.


Josef is the author of the American Diet Revolution! and a chiropractic physician who has been integrating exercise, nutrition and chiropractic healthcare into his proactive clinic, Strength For Life® Health and Fitness Center, for the past 35 years. Josef teaches his clients that good health is essential for our personal freedom and that each of us is responsible for our own health.


When people walk into Josef’s clinic, he has to have a conversation with them to let them know that he is not their primary health care provider… but that they are. What you can do for yourself is more than what a trainer, nutritionist or doctor can do for you. Taking responsibility for your own health is going to take you much further than being a passive receptor of information.

If that inspiration isn’t giving you the kick in the butt that you need, Josef then recommends that you don’t look at what you've done in the past. Don’t feel guilty about not exercising or not eating as well as you should have yesterday, last week or last month. You can’t undo that. It’s time to move forward.


Josef understands why Americans are confused with all of the dietary advice given from doctors, social media and loved ones. In his book, American Diet Revolution!, Josef describes the dietary advice that has been given over the past 70 years and how that has left us confused. He explains that not only was this incorrect information given to Americans, but it was promoted by special interest groups who were more interested in the profits from foods, advice and medications then they were in the health of the people.

When Josef is meeting with a client, he doesn’t tell them what diet they should be doing, rather he looks at what they are eating. He then questions their nutrition choices with them + educates them on what those foods are doing to their body or what potential foods could be doing for their body.

“Don’t believe what I say. Don’t accept what any guru says. I want you to start to learn for yourself.” – Josef Arnould

Every body is unique. It’s unfair to yourself + your body to implement the way that one person eats and then end up feeling discouraged when you see no improvements. Movement, nutrition and wellness are all very individualized things.

Take the time to find what works for your body and become an active questioner rather than a passive acceptor. Remove certain foods from your diet for a week and see how you feel. Bring more awareness to how you are holding your body throughout your day and notice the source of where those aches + pains might be coming from.

There is no magic pill. There is no quick fix. It’s up to you to start investing in yourself for the outcome that you desire.


Josef likes to describe food being driven by the mighty dollar as the profit/health dilemma. This is described as doing what’s most profitable for the corporations apart of these three exploiters:


Grains are the most profitable commodity in the world; 50% of calories consumed in the world every day come from grains. They are more profitable compared to fruits and vegetables because produce is highly perishable, they’re difficult to grow and they’re challenging + expensive to transport.


Grains are a major part of obesity and diabetes. Approximately 20% of teenagers in America are obese. Developing obesity or diabetes at such a young age is allowing the adolescent to become very profitable people for big pharma because once you start one medication then it’s probable that you will need another medication and another to counter the effects of the first.


This exploiter includes those who take care of people, like Josef and me. If 37% of the adult population is obese, they are naturally going to have more health problems... knee pain, gut issues, nutrition deficiencies and the list goes on. For Josef, a chiropractor, and myself, a fitness specialist, that means we’re going to have more people who need our services. Josef describes that the incentive that arises in our health industry is to not keep people well because there is a lot more money in managing diseases than there is in trying to prevent those diseases.

This is where Josef and myself are a part of this revolution to create a mindset shift in the industry to help bring awareness, education and prevention to those who have been failed by this profit/health dilemma.






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