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core connections deep core May 18, 2018

“That just comes with having a baby.”
“You are going to have to live with peeing your pants.”
“There is nothing you can do about it.”
YES, there is something you can do about it!!

In this episode, I talk with you about how you can heal your core, pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

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Erica: Have you ever been in a workout class and saw one woman say to another, “I can’t do that movement because it doesn’t feel good,” or, “I might pee my pants if I jump rope right now.” And then the other women replies, “Oh that’s normal, that’s what comes with having a baby.” I am here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be the norm. It’s not okay to have your body feeling incapable or having this mindset that it is something that women must live with after having a baby.

We can do something about it.

I created my Core Rehab Program about two years ago because I realized that it was a necessity that women needed to integrate into their lives to heal their bodies. We have the power to prevent and heal so many aches + pains. What makes my program different is that it’s not just about healing diastasis recti or getting rid of back pain; it is a lifestyle program that comes from a full-body approach. When you start to learn the techniques that I teach through my program, it is amazing the connections that you start to feel in your body.

You need to remain open-minded when it comes to improving the function of your body. A lot of that comes down to our mindset and how we are thinking about our movement and how we are fueling our body through nutrition. Which is why we created Core Nutrition and included it within Core Rehab.

Is it ever too late to start? Absolutely not. I have women in the program that are anywhere from 20 years postpartum to six weeks postpartum. You don’t even have to have a baby to learn the benefits of properly connecting your body. It all takes time, so the sooner you begin to learn, the sooner you are going to start feeling those results. 

Initially, Core Rehab was created to prevent and heal diastasis recti. Then, it opened this whole conversation of the pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. That’s when I realized that these issues need to be talked about more so women know that there is something they can do about it. 

I have checked a lot of women for umbilical hernias over the years and what I initially find is that many women are misdiagnosed as to how big the hernia is due to the weak fascial tissue in the abdominal wall. This isn’t uncommon, because we haven’t learned how to reconnect correctly through our deep core. Those fascial sheets of our abdominal wall leave us with weak tissue cause there to be a tear in there. But if you go have surgery to repair the tear, you still haven’t strengthened the fascia and you are using a Band-Aid solution.

It’s a lifestyle program. The tools that you learn in phase one and two may seem like simple movements, but they will drastically change the way you hold your body. I have women that started the program and had to stop because life gets in the way. They restarted it again and phase one felt like a whole new phase because you are making new connections through your body, bringing new awareness to your connections and your core is feeling stronger than it did before.

Knee pain, neck pain, back pain. That all stems from posture and the way that we hold our bodies. Your knee pain might not be coming from the knees at all, it could be coming from your pelvis or hips. It all comes back to the fact that everything in your body is connected and I take you through movements that will help change the way your body feels.

It is not just about the movements and the workouts. It is about the knowledge that you are going to learn and the awareness that you are going to bring to your body. That is invaluable! I’ve done my homework and it is all there and I am continuing to learn and update to make this the best program that it can be for all men and women. Core Rehab is the first group that I bring any new information to through our private Facebook group. That is where you can ask questions that will get answered by myself, our moderators or other moms in the group that has gone through the same things that you are.

Through Core Rehab, you are working from the inside, out. These adjustments are going to take time, but you are going to feel amazing and these are skills that you are going to have with you forever.

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