Dealing With Arm Pain? Here’s What You Need To Know.

core connections movement Mar 10, 2020


Are you dealing with arm pain?

Who am I kidding, I'm talking to people a part of the technological era here!

This means that I know you feel your arm go asleep after you've been on the computer too long or your texting thumb can get the best of you.

If you're like most women before they join my Core Rehab program, you've probably brought up the pain to your doctor, bought a brace for a little relief and maybe even have a surgery scheduled to "fix" your carpal tunnel.

Instead of not knowing what to do about your arm pain, we're going to talk about it because I know that it can be reversed + prevented from ever coming back.

There is always something more we can do to improve how our body feels.

So friend, it’s time to bring a little more awareness to what's causing your arm pain.

In this episode, you're going to learn how to:

  • Bring awareness to your body
  • Understand how everything is connected
  • Create space between your bones to avoid the quick fix
  • Change your movement habits

Now, I get might just be a little pain to occurs when you overdo it. You might even think that having surgery is no big deal, but is it?

The only thing worse than having pain is ignoring it.

The only way that I'm able to help so many women through my movement techniques is because they want to take the time to connect the pieces so that they can feel more confident in their bodies.

I will take someone's scary action, determined action and willing action because taking action is better than standing still.

We can choose to either live with the pain or start today. But lady let me tell ya if you don't start today it is more likely to get worse or keep coming back.

So let me be your go-to source for not only healing your body but finding hope for your body.

Start >>HERE<< to check out my video on connecting with your mid-back and be sure to grab your squishy ball for the release work that I talk you through in this episode >>HERE<<.

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