Strengthening Abs Post-C-Section: What No One Talks About

c-section cesarean core connections csection postpartum Dec 05, 2023

“Erica, what are the best exercises for your abs after having a C-Section?”

Ahh, a question I’ve gotten countless times since I started Knocked-Up Fitness in 2012.

And this might come as a surprise…but the answer doesn’t have to do with your abs. In fact, depending on where you’re at, strengthening your abs post-c-section starts with understanding how to heal scar tissue (meaning increasing blood flow to the lower portion of the deep core).

Now you might be thinking… ‘but how do I even get started getting rid of the numb feeling, or better yet, how do I get my abs back to the way they were pre-c-section?’

I got you. In this episode, I’m sharing my advice for getting feeling back in your scar, insight into the pelvic floor’s role in strengthening your deep core, and my favorite movements for improving the function of the c-section scar and strengthening abs.

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[00:49] The question I got asked about post-C-section abdominal challenges.

[02:41] Why traditional approaches to ab exercises hinder healing post-C-section.

[03:34] The understanding of fascia's role in the deep core (and the body).

[05:27] The connection between the pelvic floor and deep core for effective core strengthening.

[07:16] How relaxing and releasing your body will make you stronger.

[11:09] Manual Techniques and gentle massage to awaken the core through breathwork.

[15:50] The movements I recommend to improve scar function and strengthen the abs (aka deep core).

[18:46] How to prepare for a C-section to enhance postpartum recovery.

[21:22] The role digestion and nutrition have on core strength.

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