How to Get Rid of Pain in the Body

core connections Mar 21, 2023

Have you ever dealt with pain in your body?

If you have, you know what that feels like – it's just like you can't effortlessly move like you used to.

So you don't do anything – you live in pain. But how is that going to help you get rid of pain?

I started dealing with knee pain when I was five-years-old – it's what catapulted my life and changed everything for me.

It's why I studied exercise science and got to personally experience how movement is healing in preventing and getting rid of pain in the body.

I've developed my own unique training techniques and in this episode, I'm breaking down my best tips to moving your body out of pain for you.

Click >>PLAY<< to learn:

  • My personal journey with knee pain and what I did to no longer have knee pain (and still don't after having three kids!)
  • The body's stress response when experiencing physical pain
  • The important role fascia play in reducing pain
  • My best tips for getting rid of pain
  • Other factors that could lead to pain in the body

Ladies, if there's anything I've learned in getting rid of pain it's that it all starts with misalignment of the pelvis and hips. I had Jen Chesnut on the Core Connections Podcast to talk about how you can begin to release tight hips through your daily habits. Click >>play<< to hear this conversation.


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