My Proven Core-Focused Training Methods

core connections deep core Feb 02, 2021

Do you have a designated day to workout your legs or arms at the gym?

If so, I'm going to reframe the way of leg day, Beautiful! This episode is your sneak peek at how I look at the body and train the women inside my Core Studio App + Membership.

In this conversation, I discuss:
  • How your core is involved in every move you make
  • Insight into how I cue during my workouts
  • The role fascia plays in amplifying your movement practice
  • Misclassification of workouts
  • Why body parts don't work independently

*That’s right, friend...Your mind is going to be blown!*

I believe that understanding this awareness piece is SO important for women who workout or don't.

>>When you pick something up off the ground, go up into a hip roll or are just sitting at the kitchen table, you are working on strengthening your core.<<

And I don’t know about you, but this is way of moving is way more effective for me than spending an hour at the gym!

Ladies, whether you’re an advanced CrossFitter or haven’t worked out at all this year, you’re going to be learning something new about your body in this episode. 

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