Trust Your Intuition

lifestyle Sep 08, 2021

There's one lesson I have learned when it comes to health that has stuck with me above all else: Always trust your intuition.

Regardless of what doctors have to say to you, answers that come up on Google, or that your mom went through the same thing, your intuition will guide you.

  • Your intuition may go against the logical part of your brain...
  • Or take longer to get the answers you've been looking for...
  • Or go against everything you've been told.

I learned how important this is when I was recovering from mold toxicity.

When I was healing my body, my holistic doctor and I were working to get my hormones back on track. Something I've struggled with since I was 14.

When nothing was working, I kept having this whisper telling me to look at my gut health. *If that's not a gut feeling, I don't know what is!*

>>It encouraged me to become a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner so I could order labs for myself and when I got the results back I realized that this was the piece I needed to rebalance my hormones.<< 

  • Sometimes we don't see how everything in the body is connected.
  • Sometimes the answers are hidden behind a symptom.
  • Sometimes your intuition doesn't make sense.

But I'm here to remind you to let your intuition guide you.

>>Your intuition is something that you need to learn to connect with so you can see what's possible for your body and your health.<<

Trust it.

Be open to what your body is trying to tell you and it will thank you in the long run.

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