I offer my 1:1 coaching to a very limited number of women.

This is not for those looking for a quick fix...I only work with passionate, driven and open-minded women who are committed to improving their health, wellness and life!

1:1 coaching with me is for you if, and only if, you are ready to live a fuller life, do the deeper work, learn how to get in a state of flow more easily to decrease stress and enhance results!

If you have a business I'm here to tell you that your business is a reflection of YOU. We must do the work on ourselves first! This I know and have experienced in my 15+ years running my own business.

If after reading the above you feel I could be the right coach for YOU, please complete my 1:1 Coaching Application. All applicants will be considered, but not all will be accepted.  

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I originally sought Erica's help because shortly after having a baby, I subscribed to the Core Rehab program and after only a few phases I knew there was something completely different about her approach and my results were unlike anything else I have ever tried. The way she approaches movement specifically geared towards women's bodies especially around pelvic floor health is an incredible perspective that I have never found after searching and searching the exercise and fitness space as well as from physical therapists. I can't say enough great things about how Core Rehab has changed my life and my body. My functional movements each day have completely shifted and has reduced so much pain and fatigue that I was feeling before.

When Erica reached out to see if I was interested in her coaching program, I was so excited for the opportunity. At first, I thought it might be more geared towards an accountability type health program, but once Erica explained how her holistic coaching method was something much deeper than that, I knew I finally found what I didn't even realize I was missing in my life until that moment.

It wasn't until I started my coaching with Erica that we discovered how depleted my body actually was. After 5 pregnancies (one of those being a live birth) and a lot of periods in my life of over-exercising and potentially undernourishing myself, the connection to my body was very weak.

As someone who would describe themselves as being very 'health-conscious' and loved fitness, I didn't even really recognize the body I had anymore. I felt weak, depleted and exhausted every day. It has been amazing to watch as session by session, we are able to peel away layers that I didn't even know existed to open up to this whole new life of rejuvenation and healing. Every day is a consistent shift to the life I have always wanted and I can now say that I have just that. It's hard to describe exactly how the shift happens, but it does, and I am so grateful every day for it.

Erica has been able to answer all the questions I have had specific to my needs and has also done extensive research on my behalf to pass along resources that I am able to explore and discover what will be best for me throughout this journey. In the past, I was consistently worried about my health and aging and now that I can feel the connections between my mind and body, I now know that I have the tools that I need to go forward in life with a positive mindset and the healing that I have experience through this process is a true testament to the power that Erica's coaching provides.

I would recommend her program to anyone. You can tell she has truly dedicated her life's work to research and development of her programs and there is not anything like it out there. She is one of a kind.


I’ve learned and accomplished so much since starting but one of my biggest takeaways so far has been understanding more about the power of mindset.

Everything begins and ends in our minds and we have complete power to shift our thoughts in such a way that we gain clarity, confidence, curiosity, happiness, you name it.

The thing is that wasn’t new information to me. I wasn’t a stranger to mindset, visualization, etc. What coaching has helped me do is truly understand, learn, and implement a mindset shift in all facets of my life. The tools I’ve learned are helping me simplify + calm my once chaotic + stressed-out brain.

I’m no longer just aware of mindset, I’m putting it into practice daily and I can’t even put into words how much that changes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And the kicker - it’s wayyyy simpler than you think!!

Test Don't Guess!

Tired of being tired and not getting real results? It's time to look at the body as a whole + add in functional lab work to stop guessing and start getting real answers!

Total Transformation

6-Months of 1:1 High Level Health, Lifestyle + Intuitive Coaching with Erica

Work with Erica directly for 6-months!

  • Enjoy daily access (Monday-Friday) to Erica via Voxer app chat and voice messages (6 months)
  • Initial 90-minute deep dive session
  • 12 follow-up, 60-minute calls
  • Plus 4 BONUS 30-minute calls.

You’ve been everywhere. You’ve seen everyone. You still have no answers. You’ll want the Total Transformation Package. You’ll get six months with me. We’ll meet every-other week. You’ll also get two of the most cutting-edge functional lab tests available (the Dutch test and GI-Map stool test). Answers and real life-long results found here. 

It's more than just about the functional labs and protocol, during these sessions you'll go deep with learning how to decrease your stress and live the life you desire! You'll work together with Erica to uncover what's holding you back and help you to thrive in life! not just survive...

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The Intensive

5-Months of Health Coaching

Work with Erica for 5-months:

  • Initial 60-minute session
  • 60-minute review labs + protocol session
  • 6, 30-minute follow-up sessions

Work with me for five months. You’ll get a 60 minute initial appointment to go over symptoms and health history. A 60-minute review labs + protocol session and 30-minute followup sessions (6). We’ll dig right into the functional lab work by running the DUTCH test and the GI Map stool test.


The Jumpstart

3-Months of Health Coaching

Work with Erica for 3-months:

  • Initial 60-minute session
  • 60-minute review labs + protocol session
  • 2, 30-minute follow-up sessions

Work with Erica for three months. You’ll get a 60 minute initial appointment to go over symptoms and health history. Your 60-minute review labs + protocol session and 30-minute followup sessions (2). We’ll dig right into the functional lab work by running the DUTCH test and the GI Map stool test.