I am offering my 1:1 coaching to a very limited number of women.

This is not for those looking for a quick fix...I am looking to work with passionate, driven and open-minded women who are committed to improving their health, wellness and life!

1:1 coaching with me is for you if, and only if, you are ready to live a fuller life, do the deeper work, learn how to get in a state of flow more easily to decrease stress and enhance results, whether it's for you personally or your business.

If you have a business I'm here to tell you that your business is a reflection of YOU. We must do the work on ourselves first! This I know and have experienced in my over 15 years running my own business.

If after reading the above you feel I could be the right coach for YOU, please complete my 1:1 Coaching Application. All applicants will be considered, but not all will be accepted.