Understanding The Why To Your Workouts

core connections movement Jan 24, 2020


Have you ever been in a back and forth question asking battle with a toddler? 

  • Why the sky is blue?
  • Why can parrots talk but dogs can't?
  • Why can't I have more ice cream?

Do you notice a pattern here? All of their questions start with the word why and you are the one that's supposed to have a clear cut answer.

Starting from a young age, we have this undeniable need to know the why behind life's most important questions.

Okay, maybe not that one.

The simple idea of being able to put the why behind things in a pretty little box and a tied up bow makes it easier for the mind of a toddler or even a grown adult to understand.

But why does there have to only be one why?

Who's the toddler now...

In the fitness industry, these boxes of why's have kept instructors stuck in an old way of thinking and has caused them to lose the purpose behind workouts + movements for their clients.

  • What do I need to do to lose weight? Cardio.
  • I want to have a flat stomach before summer. Crunches.
  • How can I make my glutes stronger? Squats.

When it comes to healing, rejuvenating + strengthening the human body, the answers to these questions shouldn't be quick one-worded responses that you would give to a toddler.

As instructors, we need to start asking ourselves, "Why am I teaching my clients to do the exercises that they're doing?" knowing that there could be more than one box of answers.

Are squats incorporated in their 45-minute training session because they want to work on their glutes? Awesome. Does it feel great for their body? Amazing. Is it causing aches, pains and incontinence? Now we have to start having a deeper conversation.

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