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Stop Tucking Your Butt

movement Oct 06, 2016


You may be wondering what I mean by that...

Well, the truth is almost every new client that comes to me the first thing I work on is posture and this includes getting him or her to stop tucking their butt!!!!

No wonder everyone has back problems, core dysfunction, neck pain, and on and on. Yes - believe it or not if you tuck your butt that could be the source {or part of the source} of where the pain is coming from.

For many, where you actually feel your pain isn't usually where the source of the cause of the pain is coming from.

You still with me? Okay, I started going off a bit but really it's all connected and by 'untucking your butt' your body will thank you. It's no easy task to give your body time and be patient, change takes both of those TIME and PATIENCE.


Yes, untucking your butt and getting your pelvis to align properly can allow your deep core muscles to connect more effectively. Which means:

  • improved core strength
  • better posture
  • fewer aches and pains
  • more support of your pelvis
  • start healing diastasis recti
  • improve prolapse
  • and even add length to your spine!


Pregnant Mamas: One last thing, postural changes during pregnancy can actually encourage your pelvis to tuck under. I know, annoying right. But by being aware of that postural shift you can work on minimizing your butt tucking and encourage proper posture and alignment as your pregnancy progresses.

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