How To Make Your Squats More Effective

movement Aug 17, 2018

Here is an exercise tip that will help enhance the way that you do your squats! Squat pulses are one of my favorite exercises. Why? Because it helps to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings + deep core. 

Your deep core is what my Core Rehab Program is centered around! Everything stems from the core. Having a strong deep core will help to improve your balance and posture while building new fascial connections and coordination throughout your body. All of this will help improve your quality of life in the way that you hold yourself.


The benefit from pulsing is that you are constantly stimulating + engaging the muscles. This also allows for you to hold a movement longer as you are not releasing and re-engaging that connection. You can do more reps with smaller movements (like squat pulses), which fatigue your muscles in a different way than doing full-range.

Pulsing also brings a new awareness to your body that you don't normally see. The mind-body connection is sometimes more important than the actual movement itself. 

Make sure you find the sweet spot in your body where you feel the best connection of the area you are trying to work. 

Always remember to zip-up your pelvic floor and lower belly while keeping a good core connection. Feel the spiraling around your legs while pulling up on your hamstrings into your glutes. Watch the video below to listen to my cues as I demonstrate effective squat pulses. 


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