Small Ball Ab And Rib Release

movement Feb 08, 2021
fascia release

Ever wonder how you can incorporate a small ball into your workout routine?

Before I started learning about the power it has on fascia, I did, too.

*It's not about rolling around on the ball on the floor!*

I teach the women inside my Core Studio workout membership to stay connected through your core while using your breath to move you and I can tell you with certainty: they are living with fewer aches and pains because they are re-energizing their body through fascial stimulation.

Whether you're feeling tight in a certain area or doing a gentle movement practice, the small ball is one of the best tools I've added to my toolkit.

It's so good that I had to create one to offer to my clients myself!

Now that you're in love with the small ball as much as I am, check out my step-by-step small ball ab and rib release tutorial >>HERE<<

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