Why You Need To Start Showing Gratitude For Your Body

core connections mindfulness Jul 28, 2020

You’ve started a gratitude practice…great! Now how do you go about allowing that gratitude to enhance your life?

When I see the word gratitude getting thrown around on social media, it's shown as an added to-do to your morning routine with no awareness as to what it's doing for your body.

Friend, you’re in for a treat because I'm about to show you how I practice gratitude throughout my day that doesn't involve a pretty journal next to a steaming cup of Joe because as a mom of three...I don't have time for that!

*No, this episode isn’t about dissing journals because they are effective! But I am going to explain how you don't need a perfect morning set up to start a gratitude practice.*

Believe it or not but the minds at Harvard themselves have done research on this topic and it's effectiveness to enhance your outlook on life. It's why I love talking about gratitude because it has the ability to shift so many things for ourselves, our bodies, our mindsets and those around us.

That's why it matters what we listen to, what we watch and the words that we say because it's all connected to our overall health and wellness.

In this episode, I'm going to share: 

  1. The importance of finding gratitude with your body.
  2. Reframing your gratitude practice from a to-do to a priority.
  3. How tiny changes/awareness pieces can transform your perspective.

Let’s start showing gratitude for the gentleman that held the door for you at the bank, the healthy family that lives under your roof and everything in between. Because the words you use can have a profound effect on the stress in your body.

>>Don’t overthink it and just start to do it, ladies!<<

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