Connecting with Your Pelvic Floor

deep core Oct 04, 2021

Friend, your pelvic floor is the thing that will heal your body from pain and discomfort. *I don’t say that lightly!*

If you have heard me talk before, you know the power it has in the functionality of your daily movements.

And if you haven't heard me talk about the pelvic floor's role in healing your body, this is your sign to listen.

Your pelvic floor is at the base of your deep core and runs from sitz bone to sitz bone and pubic bone to tailbone. Fascia runs in and around the entire pelvic floor and you activate it through gentle movement, breathwork, and mindset.

You may not feel this connection at first, but here are three ways to start waking up your pelvic floor so you can heal your body from pain and dysfunction:

  1. Tucking your pelvis
  2. Sucking your belly to your spine
  3. Squeezing your glutes 

Want to hear why these old-school techniques are causing you more harm than good? Check out this live conversation:

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