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core connections wellness May 12, 2020

One of my favorite things about wellness is how everything is connected. You can't address one area without bringing up something else so much so that it becomes a ripple effect.

Which is why you can find me going down these rabbit holes from time to time...

>>The best thing about wellness is that everyone has their own version of what that looks like and only they have control over it.<< 

Oftentimes we make excuses as to why we went for that bag of chips, put off working out for the third time that week or ignoring how our lack of sleep is affecting our daily life.

But ladies, you don't understand how it's all connected until you bring awareness to it! When you say, you want to improve your quality of sleep, then start working on habits to do so without overstressing it.

>>Because anything is possible for your body.<<

Let me introduce you to human-performance master Mike Watts.

Mike has nothing but experience when it comes to body recovery and sleep. He has worked with a countless number of athletes, been at the pinnacle of athlete performance for the past 15-years and works to understand sleep better than anyone on the planet.

Mike is about to make some wellness connections on my podcast *so turn that volume up!* 

It’s important to distinguish the difference between REM sleep and deep sleep. Ladies, let me tell you it will help you understand your sleep cycle so better when you understand the difference. 

  1. Deep sleep works to restore our bodies. When you're in deep sleep, you're restoring your cells during this anabolic state of growth. Your deep sleep is the building block to help your body recover.
  1. REM sleep plays a more cognitive role. It gives us the ability to filter through the information that we do or don't need. In a way, it's giving the brain a chance to detox.

Feel like you’re starting to understand the importance of sleep more…or are you now just flat out interested in learning more? We can’t wait to help you discover more of how sleep plays a roll in your daily life. For the full explanations and more click play >>HERE<<. 

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Bio: Mike started his health and fitness career in 2002 as a personal trainer for David Lloyd Leisure working with the general population. In 2006, he transitioned into a full-time role as a fitness coach with professional soccer athletes in China working for the Men’s U19 National Team and a domestic Men’s Chengdu Blades.

After two years in China, he returned back to the UK to work full-time with a number of professional soccer teams as a strength and conditioning coach/sport scientist until he progressed with the industry development to become a performance director in his final role at Aston Villa Football Club. He worked full-time for 11 years across youth, senior, male and female athletes including performance roles at Premier League Clubs and at a national team level for China and England Women’s National Team.

He now lives and works in the US as an Athlete Performance Director for Under Armour and continues to work with athletes at the highest level across a number of different sports including judo, basketball, boxing, track and field, ultra-endurance running, rowing, speed skating and CrossFit.

He is now focused on an integrated approach to Human Performance from training, nutrition, sleep, movement, mindset and breathing.

The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regiment or purchasing any product(s).

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