How To Manifest Your Life

core connections mindfulness Aug 25, 2020

I know this can sound a little woo-woo, but I know what's holding you back from reaching your health goals.

Now it should be no secret as to what this is as it's right there in the title.

So since I let the cat out of the bag, we'll dive right in and talk about manifesting, how you can incorporate it into your day and what it has done for me, my health and my life.

When it comes to talking about health and fitness goals, I can’t *help* but talk about visualization, gratitude and manifesting!

In my programs and podcast episodes…

  • I encourage you to be open-minded with the way I approach movement
  • I connect the dots in showing you how everything in your life is interconnected
  • I talk about my personal setbacks and how I use those to educate and empower you in your life

Ladies, manifesting has become a powerful tool in shifting my clients' physical and emotional aspects of their lives and is what makes what I teach so effective.

In this episode, I bring up the following insights on manifesting:

  • You have the power to change ANYTHING
  • Recognize that wherever you are today is exactly where you're supposed to be
  • So much of what goes on around you is a reflection of yourself
  • Have gratitude for what you do have and visualize what you want out of life

Manifesting isn't always about being in a positive space. It’s okay to have crappy days especially in a time where so much is out of our control.

But what you do have control over is how you think and feel.

I just KNOW this episode is going to empower you, so click >>HERE<< to listen in on a conversation around how manifesting isn't about adding more to your's about shifting how you go about your day.

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