How to Use Movement for Healing Your Injuries

core connections fascia Nov 17, 2020
healing through movement

Have you ever gone to pick up something off the ground and your back goes out?

You feel as stiff as a board and don't even know how you're going to make it up the stairs, but…

>>Not moving your body is going to hold you back waaaaay more than if you were to get some gentle movement and breathwork in.<<

The reality is, it wouldn’t matter what you picked up off the ground, your back still would have gotten thrown out because your body is telling you that there are some imbalances going on there.

You have to look at the body as a whole when talking about injury prevention.

With an injury, the fascia will naturally tighten up as a way to protect the body from any further damage, but not addressing that tight fascia will allow it to stay stiff when we need to be creating space throughout the body...there's just *so much* information that you're going to learn in this episode friend!

I hope you don't let injury get in the way of living your life and use it as an opportunity to reconnect with your body, learn something new and see for yourself how movement is healing.

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